Tremor and hypnotherapy

My wife notices that my (mild) tremor disappears when I am asleep and I also notice that the tremor is not present immediately after waking up. .Why?

These observation lead me to wonder whether there would be any benefit from hypnotherapy.

I mentioned this to my consultant who laughed it off.



Did your consultant offer any evidence that hypnotherapy had no effect on tremor?

I don't know whether hypnotherapy reduces tremor, but I suspect that it might have a small benefit for little cost or effort.

Stress certainly makes my tremor worse. Hypnotherapy can reduce stress. There might also be a link to the placebo effect (see the latest Parkinson's UK's research newsletter).

This is one to research and test on yourself.


No John, just a dismissive smile and change of subject. I agree about stress making it worse. I am currently trying relaxation when the tremor becomes more noticeable.