Tremor Onset

Hi All,

I'm just wondering how (those of you with tremor) experienced onset? I started with non specific tremor of the small finger on my left hand, plus spams/jerks/rhythmic contractions so to speak, that was three years ago. Since then, other fingers on the hand have followed in a similar manner and my hand is generally jelly-like when under pressure or in a pose. When I put my hand down on the table I can feel an 'electric current' going through my baby finger only, but it doesn't take off and settles within a few minutes.

In general my whole arm has started to tremble in the last month, like it's cold but it's not the rhythm of PD and it's not flopping up and down.

So my question is- do PDers generally experience a gradual evolution of this problem until their affected limbs are bouncing around, or does it just seem to occur quickly almost unbeknown to the patient? 

I'm trying to figure out if this sort of tremor presenation is anxiety or all part of the PD package. 

It's about 2.5 years since I first experienced abnormal involuntary movement and no one has noticed a thing yet, apart from me. 

Is this standard for PD? Thanks y'all. 



Hi HughesNewbie, my shakes started in my left hand, the whole of it not just fingers. It mostly happened when I was relaxed watching TV, and holding hubbies hand , after approx 2 months of noticing this I plucked up courage to see GP, he asked me to do a few movements and then sent me for an MRI headscan. then an appointment with a neuro followed where PD was diagnosed.


my left hand(worse) i get spasms to the point i dislocate my fingers sharp pains as i said in another thread i burst the veins in my hand. cause dunno.