Tremor & Sleep


Hi all,

Just wondering how your tremor is when you don’t get much sleep. If I don’t sleep well. I notice when I’ve had a couple of nights of not much sleep, my usual very minor tremor is far worse and noticeable to others.


I was diagnosed in 2011. Initially, I thought I would never be able to live with the tremors and used to get quite distressed, particularly at night when trying to sleep. I had to turn to sleeping pills before I could nod off. However, over time, I adjusted to living with tremors and used various methods such as going through multiplication tables to get to sleep. Although my tremors are now much more advanced, I generally manage to sleep quite well and without pills.


Hi Gerrard,

With me it’s not so much the tremor causing the insomnia. It’s that my tremor is far worse the next day, when I don’t get much sleep. I was only diagnosed a few months back due to stiffness and lack of arm swing. I only really get tremor when stressed or if I over do excercise, I’m just interested to know if lack of sleep makes tremor worse for anyone else.


Hi Gerard

Well I don’t have many tremors but I do have the sleep problem . I get anything from 10 minuets up to an 1. 1/2 a night, on top I don’t sleep during the day time. But in that time I will dose off with out any notice but only again few seconds , I have spoke to the doctor about this and he has changed my medicine again. But I also have RLS so this really doesn’t help my mix, again very painful and bad nights with this on top. Speak to your doctor and your Parkinson nurse they can help you to find what suits your bodie . As not one thing helps in our cases. You take care

Kind regards


Hi JonJoe

I notice my symptoms are usually worse the next day when I have slept badly, notably more tremor and speech problems. I also get a lot more tremor and a croaky voice when nervous at work.

Not sure I have any answers, but you are not alone!



I find llying in my recliner chair and listening to Alfie boe helps. Only problem mhy husband gets jealou


As long as it helps you, my husband hates it when I am in the garden😊