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There's an app called Vibrometer (, which is a tool for measuring vibrations. I have it installed on a tablet and when I hold out the tablet it gives me a reading on the degree of my postural tremors. For example, my wife, who is healthy, gets a reading of 0.8, whereas my reading can be anywhere from 10-12 on up to the low 30's.  That's over a 300% difference in only an hour or two! For me, tremors seem to be stronger after doing physical exercise, like yoga or the exercycle.

So, two questions for those who have postural tremor (tremor when you hold out your hands at arm's length and spread your fingers):

1) Does your tremor vary greatly during the day?

2) If so, what does this variation seem to be due to?



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Hi Louie Louie, mine bad first thing in the morning before meds. Also if over done something like housework. Never after a session of yoga where I am alot calmer. Of course stress can cause it to be bad. DivineR


1. My tremor varies during the day, from being absent to being strong enough to cause a quarter filled cup of tea to slop over.

2. It is strongest when there is stress and when my meds are beginning to wane, but not in the morning before I take my first meds of the day.

I like your scientific based approach. I am heavily into the measurement of Parkinson's:

- side to side tap test;

- 24/7 movement measurement using an Arduino and an accelerometer;

- geographical variations of the prevalence of Parkinson's across England.

See my website: 

You may be interested in joining a citizen scientists for Parkinson's group.


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