Does anyone ever get internal tremors been getting them for a while now will talk to the pd nurse when I see her just wondering if this was a common problem.

Hi 1970,
I don’t have a major noticeable tremor during the day but i do notice that i have internal tremors when im first lying in bed or tired.
It’s sometimes like an out of body experience, as it takes me a minute to realise its me that’s shaking.

Thanks for the reply yeah that’s exactly what it’s like it’s definitely more so when I’m tired

Hi @1970 and @Divine1 I find first thing in the morning it feels as if my whole body is shaking, or if I get very tired or very stressed It is a most peculiar feeling and I feel as if it should be very noticeable but my OH has never commented on it. I have mentioned it to my neurologist but he did not make any comment.

Thanks for the reply yeah that’s exactly what it’s like oh doesn’t notice anything feels like my head and inner body is shaking like I said will talk to the nurse

I have an internal tremor, its so strange, thank god for Hobgoblin beer…


hi, I have an internal tremor , especially in the morning around 5am . Before I was diagnossed I told my missus I’m sure there are earth tremors every morning. Now 1 year on since diagnosed its in my head and upper body every day, especially when I’m tired or stressed. Hate the one in the head , i’m sure its worse becouse only I can feel it and nobody else can see it. This is on top of other symtoms.
I also agree Hobgoblin Beer and Vodka helps.

Hi 1970,
If that’s your birth date,i am 6 years ahead.Anyway,internal tremors.I’m having the same.Feels like a state of internal anxiety that only goes away on max medication.Or other forms of relaxation.Anyway,feel your pain.One thing though,Anti-depressants help and reduce tremor.From experience,and why back on Anti-D’s.
Take care

Hi titan
No it’s not my date of birth wish it was good to talk to someone with the same symptoms thing is I don’t want to take anymore tablets I feel like I’m taking enough as it is thanks for the advice though will talk to the nurse when I see her next and mention what you said by the way I’m 54

My left leg is doing its own thing this morning, so I’m off to the pub to watch Newcastle beat Arsenal.
I’ve got a disabled persons bus pass, its almost worth having an incurable brain disease…Bet your jealous…


Hi 1970,
When i was diagnosed,the first thing my Neuro wanted to start me on,along with Azilect and pramipexole,was anti-depressants.The AD’S,mainly to regulate mood.I resisted them for a few years.Then felt the need,so started.However,had to go through a mine-field,when finding an Anti-depressant that didn’t contra-indicate the Azilect i was taking.All to do with seratonin levels etc.At the time my Neuro had no idea of this.So i independently went through a Psychopharmacist ,who came up with the safest option “Mirtazapine”.
Anyway,that is another massive story,covered on the history threads.The point is,it wasn’t until i stopped the Anti-depressants after nearly 2 years.That i realised how significant they were in masking my tremor.This could be helpful when trying to keep pd med dosage down,at least for a while longer.
So now i have been back on the Mirtazapine almost a year again.Plus Neuro’s know that they are useful in external tremor control and that dreadful internal one.
Hope you find a solution.
Oh,and you are the exact age as me,54.
I was diagnosed in Nov,2009
Take care

Hi titan
Really appreciate your advice … like you said you waited at first I think that’s the route to take waiting until I really need it I take pramipexole as well it seems to be working for me at the moment though I am very stiff in the mornings but once I take my tablets after a bit of movement I’m fine my job is physical so that helps to keep me moving it’s when I stop your years ahead of me I was diagnosed last October after the datscan came back positive to be fair sometimes I still can’t get my head around it