My husband really hates his tremor. Has anyone had any success with alleviation of tremor, pharmaceutical or alternative. He is currently not taking meds. His neuro prescribed ropinerole but said this would probably not help the tremor which is the only symptom that bothers him so he is probably best not to take it now.

Any advice/ individual success stories would be appreciated.
Mine reduced when I started on Azilect, also Amitrpiptyline which is a muscle relaxant(for a stiff neck / shoulder)

My neuro told me it was the most difficult symptom to control.

A combination of Amantadine & Mirapex took mine away completely.
My hubby takes Co-careldopa and it seems to have got worse. Not sure whether its the meds of just part and parcel of PD. Have to see the PD nurse for the first time in December so will discuss things with her.

I'm on no meds too - now 2 years plus apart from 6 month Cogane trial.

I've just started on Chinese Skullcap ( only a few days in )it was recommended on Neurotalk in the USA as improving tremor

New Chapter, Chinese Skullcap - £ 16 on ebay
Thanks for replying.

I was hoping there would be a similar answer from people but should know better now from reading here. nothing works for everyone and it seems to be true that for most people nothing works for tremor as only you WPG and Caroline are reporting any improvement.

I wondered if there was some mental route to improvement as with M it is definitely worse when he is anxious or annoyed...has anyone tried anything like this?

Krugen I'd be interested to hear how the Scullcap goes. M was prescribed belladonna and scullcap by a medical herbalist but gave it up after a while because of the expense. It did seem to get worse when he stopped. Apparently you have to be careful to get chinese scullcap from a reputable source so it isn't contaminated with a liver toxic herb
(I saw this when I looked it up and thought I should say)
Hi All,
To reduce tremor, I take Clonazepam 500 microgrammes.
However, I only take this in the evening, to get respite from the tremor & other symptoms between 6pm and bedtime.
The Clonazepam seems to work as a muscle relaxant and gives me
relief from stiffness and tremor, while improving my mood and eradicating tension. They also make you sleepy after a couple of hours.
But, I only do this twice a week as these meds seem to be somewhat "moreish" and I fear they may be addictive.
It is good to know that I have them to use when the need for relief is desperate and the shaking is severe.
My partner complains that the Clonazepam make me spaced out and
detached the following day.
I was prescribed these by my Neuro man and thus far they are the only trick that works for my tremor.
Thanks Arsene... I have taken note.

Don't know if it will help but i get instant tremor relief by stretching my arm down by my side and spreading my fingers as stiff and wide as possible.
Another way is to press the tip of my thumb and index finger together. Worth a try.
Thanks silverlining Have passed this on and will let you know if it works.

Hello park wife,well I have been taking CO-BENELDOPA 25/mgs/100 mg capsules (2 twice a day) and REQUIP XL 8mgs x3 (total 24mgs) for 2 years now and it has stopped all Parkinson's symptons including the tremor which I had 24 hours a day.i am so well in fact,I never think that I even have parkinsons.i never usually look at this web site anymore, and I do not go to local parties meetings,because I am completely free of all the symptons which I had to endure for 6 years prior to my present medication.i do hope that your husband can find some relief like I have. Cheers
Hi I would point out the contribution of Chewexpert on this thread:

My tremor has improved since an operation last year on my sinuses after which I had to take a lot of very heavy antibiotics. I couldnt understand why my tremor improved. Chew expert points out that Helicobator Pylori can be something that causes PWP problems. Elsewhere I think though cant find it at the moment that Chewexpert advocates PWP having a test for Helicobator Pylori bacteria in the stomach and if it is found then taking antibiotics to clear it.
Park wife

the tremor is disturbing I agree.

I think the worry about it sort of increases it somehow

so it's a vicious circle... If your hubby can relax about it...
It should ease off a little.... But it is rather difficult
to stop worrying.... If we knew how to do that we would become very rich
very quickly.

I do counselling which helps me though I would recommend
making an effort to find a councillor that works for you

Regards Ojala - Andy

and of course it costs money but well spent in my opinion.
Hi parkwife,

I too have a similar question to you. My mum has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's - with the only symptom being right handed tremor. It gets worse with stress and like most forums/info leaflets etc, stress and anxiety makes it worse! But I have been investigating......exercise plays a massive role-anything really that a person enjoys doing, which in turn, relaxs them. My mum finds a stress ball useful, or if watching tv and its annoying her, she'll hold the tv remote and pretend to press the buttons. Tai chi she finds helpful to, walks with the dog.

hi i have found beta blocers i been put on has helped my tremor,it not made it go away completley but helped beter than the normal pd meds.:smile:
Hi ....

I have been put on Propanolol of the older bet blockers and like ali j I have found it eases my tremor and also the muscle tension in my arm.

After a long gap..I have taken up stops the tremor and takes my mind of it and the muscle tension..finishing my knitting projects is my problem!


Hi Krugen
I’ve just read your post and I’m very interested in how the skullcaps manage your tremors. My girlfriend has recently been diagnosed and doesn’t want to take meds either. I’ve been using skullcap for some years to help with my PTSD , and have been thinking they could help with her tremors.

Thanks Andy

Wot is Chinese skullcap please

Hi, Chinese skull cap is called Huang Qin in Chinese medicine. It’s primary use is to clear heat or roughly, in western terms, inflamation and phlegm. It has never been used for parkinson tremors. Nor is it taken as a single herb. Rather in a formula with others. I strongly advise you not to use it as a supplement. You could experience some adverse reactions. BTW I am an acupunturist and Chinese Herbal medicine practitioner. Mitch

Hi mitch i was asking what skullcap was as i didnt know as for using it hadn’t entered my mind thx for your reply