HI all

Can anyone recommend a way of treating tremor in my left arm? Is Madopar or Requip XL any good?


hiya welcome to puk forum,im ali,ive been diagnosed with pd for 11 half years,im 43 years old.levodopa drugs are best,ideal is madapar or on sinemet.for best advice about tremors is looking at the information sheet on puk the top of this page in black it says about parkinsons,click that,then press in search;information sheet about parkinsons,down load the sheet and it will give you alot of informaation you require,also you could ring the helpline of puk,number also top of this page.there is various options for tremor,from drugs to deep brain simulation,please take alook,and i hope this helps.hope to see you more around the forum.x:smile:
in addition this article by a doctor with pd tremor is quite interesting
Hello phillipe zabaglione and welcome,

As always pwp respond to different pd medications differently. For myself Requip helped with my very coarse left hand/shoulder tremor( I do not mean as in impolite, but rather as in not just a shake , but something that rocked my whole body). Ali's advice re looking at the PUK info leaflets is excellent.

I am off to check out turnips link. (one of these days I will get there before him)
my apologies AB. scottish succinctness versus irish eloquence.
You mean turnip, that you say "wha?" whilst we intone " I'm begging your pardon Sir , but I am not after understanding the question. I should be obliged to your good self if you could rephrase it and then I will do my best to be of assistance to to the best of my limited ability"?
(sorry Phillipe zabaglione - I do not mean to intrude upon your important thread by having a pop at turnip) Stay with us and you will soon get to realise that a sense of humour (which differs from person to person, but can usually be recognised) is a grand way of dealing with the dificulties that PD presents both for the pwp and those who care for them.