Tremors after taking meds

Does anyone experience symptoms worsening after taking meds?
I’ve been on co-careldopa for 3 years, doseage 2x 25/100, 5 times a day (every 3 hours).
I took my first dose at 8am, no issues. Just took my 11am dose and within 10 minutes, a tremor starts in both hands and legs, and my shoulder and upper back, neck muscles tense up. This has been happening for quite a few weeks now. It can last up to an hour. It sometimes starts up to half hour before my next dose too :thinking:.
Anybody else experienced this?

Maybe dyskinesia rather than tremor?

I would contact your Neurologist or PD Nurse Specialist.

Interesting link, thank you. Can Dyskinesias feel like tremors?
From that info, it sounds like diphasic dyskinesia. We’ll see, I see my PD nurse in a couple of weeks. I was on the MAO-B inhibitor Rasagiline but it seemed to make thing worse so it was stopped.

Fortunately I see my nurse in a couple of weeks so hopefully get a resolution.

Hi my name is Valerie I am a member but I have not used the forum for a long while. I can experience tremors after taking the meds. I asked my neurologist and pd nurse and they both said the same. If you leave it too late before taking your next dose you can experience an off period hence the shaking. I only take one 25/100 sinemet but if that happens I can take another half after about half hour and that settles me down.

Hi Valerie. That’s given me something to consider and ask my PD team. I take 2 25/100 every 3 hrs (8am-11-2-5-8pm). I may try one at 15 mins to dose time and one 15 mins after to see what happens. I remember being told taking meds within half hour of scheduled time is acceptable.

You may find it helpful to add entacapone to your drug regimen. This will help prolong the on periods. The easiest way would be to move to Sastravi. It contains levodopa, carbidopa and entacapone in one pill.

Thanks Douglas. I’ll bring it up with my PD nurse next week. I was on Rasagiline but that made thins worse.