Tremors and stress question

Just a quick question. I went to a Dr appointment today with my mum. He was asking some questions that seemed to be stressing her and putting pressure on her and the tremors became quite violent. Is is common for the tremors to increase with anxiety or stress?,

it is certainly the case with me that is when putting myself in certain situations.i.e doctors i always try and take somebody with me

Hi zeeeb.

Stress of any sort, even having to make a telephone call, certainly makes my OH's tremors far worse.

Ihave found stress to be the biggest enemy of Parkinsons.

Hi seen stress can increase tremor,imbalance,headache,pains,memory everything that pd effects.the answer to this go somewhere on holiday were you can does wok

Usually the drugs keep my tremor at bay, but any sort of stress will release it from their control, even the smallest stressor. My hand started to jump around while I was watching "Pulp Fiction"!!!!! Go figure!

Tremors and stress - oh yes
Tremors and being cold - check
Tremors and being tired - yep
That's why I gave up my season ticket at Charlton a few years ago.

Hi all,
I find that any thing that puts me at the centre of attention, even just chatting with a friend, makes my tremor worse and increases dyskinesia.
Also cold and tiredness makes things worse for me too!

hey Zeeeb , i think Parkinsons and stress go hand in hand, i am sure most people on the forum can relate to the tremors getting worse when under any kind of pressure.....then the mind goes blank........then when you realise what you need to say the speech starts playing up ohhhhhhhh the joys of pd.


I always find my tremor re-appears if Im under stress. Its usually almost un-noticeable otherwise, but was the first thing I noticed which eventually led me to go to see the doc.

My tremor gets worse as soon as I start talking about my PD! Its like it hears me call its name and wakes up!!!!!

i have recently been told by my gp i could have early symptons of pd subject to further tests neauroligist etc, i came across this site and cannot explain how pleased to find it, reading of other peoples advice and case histories. made you realise you are not alone thanks jimo 2009

I,m amazed, i'm newly diagnosed but had pd 3 years your all the same as me ,tremor when stressed. it goes into overdrive.finally people who know what its like.

I have the ridge pd and when I'm stressed I get. Twitching eyes and it goes on for a long time and I also get spasm in my toes neck and ear .my toes the turn down and the big toe goes up .then my neck goes stiff and can't move . My ears they go deaf and can't listen to any thing loud .some times I get the shakes but not much just all my muscles are all up like a weight lifter.hope this helps anyone and thank you for reading it .its just nice to write and tell people :grin:

Any stress and my hand starts to shake, writing this my whole arm is shaking. I find this difficult.
Sitting in a waiting room at the doctors I try and find a seat where my arm is not so visible.

I recently went to a Parkinson's local meeting where they had laid on a spread of food, trying to not shake the food
I was holding while I was eating! But at least you're in a supportive place, which is great!

The interesting thing is that long before John had any indication that he had Parkinson's. I am talking at least twenty years before diagnosis, he had a tremor in his Parky side leg when stressed and especially when annoyed. It became a joke with us......oh if we had but known. This still happens with his leg and arm now under the same circumstances.iIt also happens if we start talking about it.

yes my tremor gets worse when I talk about PD!!!!! Can it hear? Also with stress

I also find stress, cold and tiredness make PD symptoms worse. If I can I stretch my muscles or go for a walk. What I find amazing is how quickly stress, anxiety etc almost immediately make tremor worse.


I can relate to your tremors worsening when u r the centre of attention IE:just chatting to a friend......

I'm fiinding this too.... I get stresssed by being in company for some reason..

Its an extension of the stress I feel anyway ... but it seems to gt worse
whne I chat to someone... danger is u r tempted to avoid people and become reclusive which is not good in l/term.

Maybe its the shaking that u dont want people to see that causes this social anxiety .

Do u have any ideas on overcoing it ?


Andy- ojalahey