Tremors increasing?

My husband who has had PD for approx 10 years has always had a tremor. Recently these tremors come on really bad for no apparant reason. He can be just sat down in the house with me and his whole body will start shaking completely, his arms, hands, cheeks,lips, face, legs and even his feet. He is unable to control these in any way. He also starts to sweat. This is very distressing to see and it is very upsetting for him…can anyone shed any light on why this could be happening?
We are away at the moment for a few days and it is affecting where we go and what we do as he is worried these tremors will come on when we are out in the public…
Please do not suggest we contact his PD nurse as she is a total waste of time and has not seen my husband for over 3 years…
Can anyone please shed any light on to why this is happening suddenly?

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I’m sorry to hear what is happening to your husband.
I’m sure you’ll receive responses from your fellow members, however, I just wanted to make you aware of the Parkinson’s UK website which you can find here,
There’s a lot of useful information such as the following link with tips on how to deal with tremors: please do feel free to explore the website in your own time.
You can also contact our helpline and speak to one of our advisers about any concerns that you may have or get advice on medical queries that you may have in mind. Please feel free to give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Hope you find this helpful.

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