i know i am new to this and my meds still are not settled yet but the thing that really frustrates me is the flipping they ever stop? stress and tiredness and the cold seems to make them worse but do they ever stop???will a day ever go by when i can say tremor what tremor and mean it.....strop finished....
Hi Buzzicles
I would like to tell you that the tremor will go away, but sadly it is part and parcel of this dreadful disease. Stress and any upset even the cold weather will make your tremor worse.
I always try to be positive as each day is different, good days are good but bad days are just, well, PANTS as my grandson would say.
your not alone...take care love PB x
I have often felt the same and the answer is NO. for me anyway it never completely stops.
sorry i feel also the same,my tremor never goes either,worse with the cold and anxierty it goes mad :rolling_eyes:but even if it gets on me nerves so to speak,and i feel embaressed when i go out,ihave to think i got some thin that others have not,would it come in handy one day ,and i can say nah nah topeople look at me i can do this and u can not:wink:
Stress is definitely a factor that makes mine worse. At Christmas, I went away with my son for a week, and I swear that the tremor disappeared completely! Then back home, usual worries etc. and it returned. Sending me a strong message I think...