Hi, My dad has not been diagnosed yet.
I just wanted to find out as he has had a essential tremor in his hands for many years and a very slight resting tremor.
Could this be Parkinson’s?
His mother had a tremor in both hands and his brother and sister also have the same tremor with no other symptoms.
Many thanks

Ask the GP to refer to a specialist for diagnosis. Tremor is a symptom, but I wouldn’t second guess.

Hi James,
I agree with Sunlight on this one - I really wouldn’t second guess…

Parkinson’s is not hereditary but maybe there is something else in your family gene pool if his mother brother & sister all present with the same symptoms??
Parkinsons generally affects one side of the body in the early stages and can then progress to both as the disease enters into later stages but I note you say your dads had his tremor is in both hands for many years?
There is something called Parkinsonism - basically Parkinsonism is something that occurs but does not progress it just stays at that level not degenerating whereas Parkinsons Disease is the progressive disorder.
Its a can of worms with diagnosis as many things can cause a resting tremor so I would hang on and wait until you see a neurologist and let them narrow the field for you.

Good luck & very best wishes

Thank you.