hi can anyone clear this up please...does drinking alcohol reduce Parkinson hand tremor thanks
Not in my case (hic!)
really?always in my case
Drinking alcohol and tremor stopping is usually a basic test to check if you have 'essential tremor' , have you had clear diagnosis of PD.

The reason for reply is our neighbour was given diagnosis of PD for 4 years never got any worse and was then told he has essential tremor !!
hi thanks fr replying..yes I had a datscan 3 yrs ago and it was sed I had only symptom is tremor and no other symptoms..with out fail alchol always stops my tremor
My tremor comes and goes as it wants. I feel I have little control and having an alcohol drink makes no difference. Taking tablets helps but not always. I wonder if some tablets do not have the correct makeup of drugs thus given bad or good days. trying to get to sleep with the tremor active is a serious problem for me.