Tribute billy connolly

billy connolly talks parkinsons & not strictly on itv ntas last night wed 20th

what was the programme called?

have tried to look it up to watch it on iplayer but can't find anything!!

Would like to hear what he has to say!

It'll be on ITV player with all and more adverts that can't be skipped making it even harder to find.  I tracked it down in part and it raises profile of Parkinson's extremely well.  A full copy of the whole presentation including the press interviews would be very welcome as a link on the Parkinson's UK website.   I haven't been able to track it all down but was moved to the core by what I did find.

Found it! via google!! Agree with you Kendo would be good to hear all of it!!

Daily mirror today article billy connolly parkinsons 23/1/16..

A link would be good?lol


 i spose billy wont be poppin by to give us a story or two then?.


sorry benji no good at this paste,link stuff hard enough using keyboard gus