Tricycle power

This may not be suitable for everyone but it has helped me enormously.
I fell off my motorbike for the last time a few months ago. I had to quit before I killed myself. Balance is the issue as nobody else was involved with my falls.
A bicycle is out for the same reason.
So I bought a tricycle.
It’s a Godsend and it has changed my life.
I have lost weight, gained muscle tone, my mild constipation has disappeared and I feel so much happier and healthier.
You can get power assisted trikes if you want a little help on the hills.
A life changer for me.


Hi Hubby,
It’s great to see “you back in the saddle” (in more ways than one)
Nice one H. Keep smiling.

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Hello Hubby never said hello before sorry. Sounds like the exercise is helping with the depression most of us get. I live in the new north pole. We have had 34 inches of snow this winter. This morning at 3am it was 0 outside. Tomorrows low -7. One of my dogs is a Cocker his feet can not touch the ground. He is forced to follow the tall dogs outside.
Well In Nebraska USA it will be April before the outdoors will be a go. I am thinking about a recumbent bike come spring. Keep on pumping sounds like you enjoy it. Tom

Hi Tom and Malc.
I have a feeling that this will become just a little addictive.
Snow might put me off a bit though.

HI Hubby and Tom.
Not sure what’s going on with the weather in the USA or Spain but over here we had 21degrees yesterday, what’s that about?
12months ago to the day, we were doing battle with “The Beast from the East” !!
Whatever is going on outside where you are Gents, I wish you both well in your choice of pedal power. For me, I will not be going far on my exercise bike.

Thanks for posting Hubby - My husband has been a lifelong cyclist but has had to give up because of balance issues. Although presently having issues because of a blood infection (not related to Parks) have been suggesting to him he try a trike. I’ve just read your post to him and his interest has been grabbed - thank you and happy cycling

I have an electric bike, 2 wheel type. I find it gives me a bit more confidence than then non ebike. The extra power means you don’t need to move about as much and makes balance a little easier.

He should give it a go.
It won’t replace the two wheeler completely, but it still gives that air of freedom.
Good luck