I'm thinking of getting a tricycle to get around. I can walk short distances so don't really want to get a mobility scooter but I do miss not being able to drive the car and get down to the beach without asking for a lift from someone (its about 20 min walk and 5 min car ride). So I thought about a bike but I don't feel confident enough of my balance and saw a photo in the Parkinson magazine of a man on a tricyle and a light bulb exploded. They seem to be quite expensive so I thought I would ask around first.
Hi Jenny b,
I think a tricycle's a lovely idea.In my area , several people have them ( coastal area as well ) There is a slightly different technique in riding one as opposed to on a bike. I think you have to forget about leaning to the sides when turning the corners.
I am going to keep riding my bike for as long as I can , but then I 'll certainly think about the trike idea.
I feel absolutely fine when doing the actual riding and balance is ok. It's just the stopping and starting that make me nervous. I am a bit shaky in the legs sometimes when I have to dismount. Anyway , I don't rush , take my time and it's fine !
Have you looked on the Pashley bike site ? They have some very stylish models -- you could be starting a trend! Good Luck.
p.s. just been on the 'Pashley bike' web site. Picador looks nice , have to have it in Burgundy tho !
hi Lorna & all,

I just checked out the tricycle site....I like the looks of the "Pickle"....funny name...maybe it suits us....since we're in the PD pickle of sorts. My balance is off for a few months, perhaps I'll get a pickle eventually. After we move, by then I'd probably need it more than now. Have to show it to my O/H...

He just called me...seems he's having trouble with his practicality (reasoning)...we think he has Alzheimer's like his dad did. He just turned the water on in the camper bathroom, didn't realize there was no flood control, and flooded the camper he's moping up. We're supposed to take it to be repaired tonite -drop off into N.H. -about an hr from here.
I can see us in a few years with a caregiver to help us both out....have to pay him/her double, for double the workload!
Hi Jenny,
Mu husband gets a lot out of his trike. He took several falls on his old bike because he couldn't react fast enough when stopping, but that problem goes away with the trike. Also balance is a non-issue. Plus trikes have low frames so you don't have to raise your leg very high to get on them, something he was having trouble with on the bike.
Riding it is surprisingly different, and he had a couple of sessions with the OT before he was let loose in traffic. Also got fitted with rear mirrors as he can't easily twist round. They're expensive things, so make sure you get expert advice to find the best model for you.
All the best,
Hi Marie (and everyone else)
Thanks for the comments about using trikes. It sounds like a positive option for me. I live in rural Isle of Wight so no pavements and the few mobility scooters around have to use the roads and seem so vunerable. I think a trike would cope better with the hills and narrow lanes too - I've seen an advert for a trike with an electric motor for the hilly bits.

Its definetely something I am going to look into further.