Trouble keeping weight up

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else is struggling with keeping their body weight up? I have a slight swallowing problem (food sticks in my throat, probably partly atleast due to dry mouth/throat) and am slow to eat to a point that I’m often hungry already when I’m done with previous meal. I need to eat something atleast every two hours to keep the motor running, This leads to situation where I need to eat all kinds of inbetween meals, quick noodles, pasta, bread, oat based drinks and bars, which I gather are not the best diet for parkinsons.

Looking for ideas to keep weight up (even gain some) and get enough calories a day, but to keep it healthy and not too time consuming nor super expensive.

My neurologist and food therapist (is that the correct title?) have basically said to eat whatever is easy to eat and fill missing calories with protein drinks (which cost a fortune at pharmacy).

I’m 46, 5 years since diagnosis, trying to find first meds and not that happy currently with three months on ropinirole. I feel I need to look elsewhere to feel better, gain weight etc.

Hi. That sounds familiar. The other day by the time I finished lunch it was time for afternoon snack.

I’m in constant movement with akathisia & dyskinesia. Then your muscles are still working overtime with the parKInSON’S when they are so tight.

I saw a dietician early on through my gp which was useful. I felt pretty scrawny. I got supplement drinks called fortifresh from the gp but I probably got bored with those pretty quick. I’m 5’6 and judging from a photo at the time probably went under 8 1/2 stone.

The speech therapist (via neurology clinic) USED to check my swallow every time with cake or yoghourt/Drinking a cup of water.

I used to dread having to take my son to A&E when his asthma was bad as you have to wait around for hours - I would explain to the nurses and they would get me sandwiches to keep me going.

At one stage I would buy quiches three at a time from M&S so I always had something ready in the fridge. I could then microwave it a slice at a time. Makes the pastry very soft and easier to swallow.

I don’t seem to choke as much as I used to but
a) I usually eat on my own now so I’m not trying to talk and eat at the same time – caN BE very dodgy.
b) as I lost more & more teeth I was eating a softer diet so easier to swallow

I get through a lot of thaT thick greek yoghourt, adds calories & creaminess to a savoury sauce and is a quick desert with fruit

I eat much more fish than meat – less chewing required & to save me cooking it I will buy smoked fish & you can take the time instead to make a nice salad & chuck in avocados which again are soft & filling.

I don’t seem to bother doing rice/pasta/POTATOES MUCH these days. If I do mince it’ll last three daYS by the time you chuck beans & veg. in- again making the sauce kind of soupy help it go down quicker

I stopped doing home baking- as I got older (now 63) the cupcaKES WOULD be lurking on my waistline – not too comfortable for yoga.
I don’t take any drugs – living with chronic akathisia will do thaT TO YOU. Try & get out most daYS FOR a good cycle on my trike to burn off the treats and help the sleep situation with dose of fresh air & exercise