Trouble Wiggling Toes


I was just wondering if anyone has experienced problems moving their toes, especially early on in the disease? I had a Datscan in January that showed loss of dopamine transmitters on my left hand side, but I am yet to be officially diagnosed as I am waiting to see a specialist. I’ve noticed over the last 6 months that I am having trouble wiggling and flexing the toes on my right foot. The left hand side I can move with no problems, but the right is almost like it’s frozen. It takes a good minute to get my brain signals to make them move, and even then, it’s very slow. Is this something anyone else has experienced?

Hi Clax,
Yes this ia something that I’ve experienced. Diagnosed about 20 months, i have weakness down right side of the body. I find in the morning my ankles and toes are stiff. Just keep flexing them or massage them to keep movement going. Maybe when you get to see a specialist medication may be prescribed to loosen the muscles.

Yes I too experience this down my right side.
I always feel my right foot is not right. I notice it more when going up stairs.
I always say to myself when going up stairs good foot first and the bring up my right which feels as though not much power

Hope you get what I mean
Cheers Babs x

Thank you both so much. It’s a symptom I’ve been trying to find more information about but have struggled to, so it’s interesting to know it’s something others experience as well. When I showed my Neurologist he seemed a bit unsure about it, so fingers crossed the specialist will be able to explain a bit more. Thank you once again.

Let us know how you get on.


I get this too in my left foot and find it really frustrating. I also find that it is difficult to push the left foot into shoes and I usually need to use my hands to help.