Trouble with carers

My grandfather moved into a council home early this year, I work full time and we enlisted via the council to have carers in to tend for meals and take him food shopping.
Since then I have had numberous meetings with the social sevices and the carers as they are not doing there job properly. As well as putting in a complaint to the head office for the carers and had no response.
My grandfather has been discharged from teh parkinsons consultant as there is no more that they can do for him as he is on all teh medication that he can be on.

My dilemma is he needs further care and the amount of problems we have had and are having with his current carers is frustrating and stressful.
I do not know how successful it would be if I gave up my job and became his full time carer - how would i go about this and where would I stand?

Or we go for different carers but we are both reluctant to as the trouble we are having with his curent carers.

I would like if anyone can offer some guidance or advice on this situation please.
hi Lesley
Im sorry for your troubles. It must be a worry.
It may be worth you seeking advice from carers uk. Ive posted a link for you.
Hello Lesley83,
I care for my father and gave up work last October to become his full time carer.
If you choose that route expect to have less money! Could you manage on less money?
There is a carers allowance I get that is about £52 a week - less then the dole !!
There might be a carers centre near you,if you live in London every borough has a carers centre of some kind.
Do you have a taxi card ?
Do you have a blue badge?
Is your mother on the right benefits
It is a big sacrifice and I under estimated the stress I am under !!!!!!
Hope this gives some light to the matter.
Hi Lesley83

This sounds like a very difficult situation. I hope you've been able to follow up on the good advice already offered by the others here. I'd just add that you can ring the Parkinson's UK helpline free on
0808 800 0303 and speak to the social care and/or benefits and employment specialists who can offer you further advice and guidance.

Take care.

hi ya lesley,welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 years ,im 42 now:smile:ihave carers come in and help me,ive had 2 agencys that have not been to good,speacilly with rota times and meds on time,im on control drugs so it important.with the social workers though u can ask for a private carer,that means if the goverment help u with ur payments they give u like apot of money and u can choose ur care ur self,and pay them with that.ipay for my care me self,but ive chose my carer still.and it works.just a thought ?:smile: