Trouble with walking

Hi my dad's legs are terrible at the moment. He is literally becoming house bound as he keeps stumbling. His legs keep locking up so he can't move and he nearly falls over. Can anyone suggest anything to help him please xx

Hi Emily x,

Do take a look at our information sheet on freezing. This may offer some useful advice. 

Try asking your dad's doctor for a referral to a physiotherapist to see if his mobility could be improved. They may also be able to give you advice on managing falls.

I hope this helps.





                       Hello Emily,

                                          Does your Dad use a stick I cannot be without mine also,  when encountering freezing I have a song or songs which have a thumping  beat and I think of them and it seems to cut through the damned freezing and away I go, it does work.

                              Best wishes Fedcool

Hi Emily

I do the same as Fed in my own way when rising from my arm chair. I concentrate hard then explode into action.........well sort of.

I also find Pilates helpful which can be done sitting down. Muscle wastage is only going to make things harder in the physical sense.


Good morrow SATURNcool

                                Anything to do with Aviation interests me, and its very good of those Pilates to give up their time,flying all over the world like wot they do must be tiring ???? my beloved has just told  me to stop being silly she has her frowning strict head on this morning,as most mornings lately and having fun is not in her vocabulary , she often tells me off for not answering posts in a sensible way well  what can be more sensible than taking advantage of  those kind Pilates and their  offer to help.

  1.  Sorry SATURN   Im always a bit high in the morning, the Duodopa has been re-installed and it creates a new  Fed, a joyous happy  person, it makes me feel alive, while 10 minutes earlier I thought I was going to die I felt so bad, depressed, paralysed with a raging temperature death was surely on the cards, now I am more like the person I really am and its so good to be myself and not the pitifull crippled broken stranger that I revert to when  the pump comes off at night, I do try to manage by using normal capsules with some success ,but nothing can beat Ddpabig grinarrow, I hope you dont mind me going on and on and on and on and on about it and behaving like a pratt, I just want your goodself and all who read this to know that when you have tried every possible combination of drugs and they failed to make you well again,there is always the chance of Ddopa  but unfortunately they are still comparitively rare and new, I think the early prototypes will eventually be slimmed down and made less obtrusive, and lighter, thats the only downer really, they are quite weighty, at 36lbs old money,,,(NO NO NO IM BEING SILLY AGAIN) they are only 25lbs, sorry sorry, beloved has told me to leave you alone and stop pesteing you so Im off down the garden, I was only kidding, 22lbs,,,,,sorrry 19

                                                              Have a lovely sunny day Sat it is here  15lbs

                                                                                FEDarrowbig grincool


Fed I applaud you. In my world giving up my sense of humour would be like giving up breathing. It's good to see someone else  has a sense of humour and can see the funny side of this stupid disease.

Humour got me through 18 hr shifts in conditions the RSPCA would have condemned. We worked like dogs, but didn't have the same rights.

Lets be honest about PD.............

God decided to give mankind /womankind a variety of nasty fatal diseases when he invented the world. Then He sat down and invented simple non fatal diseases, like colds, headaches and cramp at the cinema. It was a bit of a rush job however, because Mrs God wanted to go out on Sunday.

When He'd completed this endeavour He looked at his work and found He'd left a gap between the fatal nasty diseases and the simple annoying diseases. So He came up with Parkinson's,which was nasty, but not fatal. As Mr Parkinson wasn't yet born it was in the log originally as the achy, shaky, give us a breaky, disease.

Elvis honed this into his own act later in history and made a fortune. All his shaking failed to dislodge the back log of burgers in his system unfortunately and he had a heart attack while sitting on the bog.

More famous people contracted the disease as time went on. Mohammed Ali who carried the Olympic torch and set fire to the cheerleaders pom poms and Sir Roger Bannister who now runs the four minute mile backwards.

These things kept the heavenly choir giggling and thus prevent boredom and strikes.

I walked down the road to my Pilates the other day and got an award for best Rock and Roll dance. 

I also mentioned in another post about visiting a pub loo with double entrance doors. This turned into a Dr Who telephone box between the doors.........and I had only drunk half a glass of cider. Where else could you do this legally?

When I forget leaving my wife in town......I have a built in excuse. Not only am I a legal junky, I'm fire proof (as long as Mohammed Ali isn't about) as well.

The only thing that surprises me is the government haven't taxed me yet.

Morph (keep on, keeping on Fed)






             HM Saturn   a gas giant.

                  But a bloooomin hilarious one , you and I are known in geology as erratics huge blocks of stone from the same biggarer block but hundreds of miles apart hewn, yes thats right hewn from wherever they spent the last 4 000 000 000 0002   years by GLASSYARS,  I was tempted to miss spell  that by adding a E but EGLASSYARS doesnt look right , as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, the same vein of unstoppable wicked humour, no not the England Cricket team, thats wicket humour,of which there is aplentifull supply , but a vein of Irrepressible possibly warped humour manufactured in the white hot heat of BLAST FURNACE LIFE, the same brain that will eventually use up all its resources and close us down for a few trillion eons of time is at this very moment using up those vital resources replying to your post, but will that stop me,? will it ,,,flip,,,,for it keeps our heads up keeps us thinking and making the last few braincells rattling around inside  jump through hoops" Id like to see that" in a united stand against the EVIL BLACKHEART rather in the same manner as the Black Knight  in the Holy Grail, slowly being deprived of his limbs, ,,TIS BUT A SCRATCH,,,,probably one o the funniest scenes the ageless Python Gang ever rote ,,roat ,,,wrote, parky sometimes renders me limbless, I cant use them but I laugh in the face of the faceless one and curse him with every bad word I have picked up from building sites in some of the toughest hardest areas in the UK where 2yr old kids throw MOLATOV COCKTAILS at the machine (twice) and children learn words I had never  heard, before they could walk, yes sir Saturn as long as we hang on to our sense of humour we will keep kicking parky where it hurts,   and long may we continue.

                                            Kidneeses REgrads            FED

Hi Fed, Glad you didn't mention my ring, the gas is bad enough. Speaking of which I just got a lovely letter telling me I am once again to be probed in the nether regions to have another biopsy on my prostate.

The last one left me walking like John Wayne back to the station. While on the table I bounced around so much they brought kids in and told them I was a fair ground ride.

I notice you mention the England cricket, I am waiting with baited breath to see what England produce at the football world cup. Surely there must come a time when all those millions of pounds invested in the skill of moving a bag of leather about on a green field come to fruition.

On the up side of Parky it has led me down different avenues which have yielded new friends. When the initial shock wore off I took up some distractions, which under normal conditions I doubt I would have done.

Break dancers admire the innovative movement, they now take lessons on how to achieve this level of skill.

For every down there is an up. Keep smiling and be alert.......we need all the lert's we can get.

Regards Morph.