Looking for some advice relating to clothing! My Dad can no longer manage the button on his trousers owing to tremor. He has gained some weight so would ideally like trousers that either are fully elasticated waist or elastic at sides with hook fastener to close them. I cant get to shops to browse at minute cos of covid and Internet search is hard to source something specific like this. Any top tips or brands that have something along those lines but don’t look hideous!! Still keen to maintain some style. Thank you!

Hello @El and a warm welcome to the forum community.

I’m sure some of our friendly and helpful members will be along to share their experience and give some ideas soon.

In the meantime have you looked at the Parkinson’s UK shop?

There are many items on there designed help people with Parkinson’s overcome some of the barriers they face and take control of life with Parkinson’s

If you search trousers on there you will find information and links to a range of adaptable clothing in different styles.

There may be something on there which is suitable. Otherwise it may give you a starting point in knowing what sort of thing might be available to search for elsewhere.

I hope that helps a little and please do feel free to continue using the forum as a source of information and support

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Same problem here for my Dad years ago and now my husband, I found Matalan for cheaper but warm and washable trousers for winter and this summer have tried M&S for dearer but lighter weight.
both deliver for free over £50 and do returns. Dad managed these very well with tremors and now so does my husband. Hope that helps a little.

There are no trousers on the site!!

Replies by Admin.often refer posters to the PUK site shop/advice information which, sadly, does not always provide a solution.!!

Likewise; contact your PUK nurse or local advisor seems to be the usual, default answer.

Goggle is more helpful! Especially on the trousers front.

Hello, I have put on some weight over recent months and also lost the dexterity in my hands and fingers. For both of these reasons it became necessary for me to look around for some new trousers. I found the perfect solution in some “Joggers” at Marks & Spencer. Although being sold as “Joggers” they are very smart and tailored with elasticated waist and do not have the appearance of normal Joggers. They are made of a synthetic fabric which can be washed and dried in a few hours. I am so pleased with them that I have acquired several pairs and now rarely wear any other trousers. I am quite fussy over he clothing I wear. They cost £16.00. Gerrard

Hi @benji

I am sorry you didn’t feel my previous answer was very helpful. We do try to direct people to the correct information and support as best we can.

If you visit the shop and search for trousers in the search box it will bring up some information and a link to the adaptawear range of clothing.

They have a large range of adaptable clothing including trousers in different styles. Hopefully the original poster will be able to find something there to suit her dad if she hasn’t already.

I hope this information is helpful and apologies for any confusion

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