Are there any men who use drop front trousers? If so, are they useful and where can they be obtained?

Thank you.
Hello country girl,

If you go on to google ther are several sites here are two.
Able2wear and abledata products I also find Jolliman good for my husband as they have expanding waists they are zips at the side that can be adjusted but not drop down. I also find them good for wider braces as my husband trousers are alway falling down as he does't like any restriction around the waist.
I hope that helps, you can also find the disabled living foundation has a whole range of disabled information if there is one near you.
best wishes
Thank you for that information. I shall have a look at the websites suggested.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, I shall be most grateful. also have a small range. I have also been looking for trousers which are easy opening fly and waist. Dad has "accidents" as his tremours stop him undoing the fastenings. Although he wears jogging bottoms most of the time, he hates not having smart trousers to wear.