Trustee election 2013: a candidate who would champion research

This year there will be an election for two positions on the Board of Trustees for members from England. If you are a parkinson's UK member based in England, you may already have received notification and the election papers.

My name's Richard Hill. I'm one of the candidates, and have particularly put myself forward as someone who would champion Parkinson's research in general, and Parkinson's UK's commitment to research in particular, if elected a Trustee. Below is the summary about me which will be included in the papers.

Finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson's are fundamental goals of the Charity. I believe those goals need championship on the Board, to help shape our research strategy and support the efforts of the Research team at National Office as well as the many volunteers across the Charity.

I'd greatly value your own vote in the election. Equally I would be grateful if you could mention my candidacy to any of your contacts in Branch, Support Group, local Research Support Network group, etc.

With kind regards

([email protected])

"My career was in food industry research and technology. After retirement, I joined Parkinson’s UK 6 years ago, primarily because a close family member has Parkinson’s, diagnosed some 28 years ago. My own training and much of my career was in the biosciences, so I have become both deeply interested in the scientific challenges of finding a cure for Parkinson’s, and keen to support the research effort in any way I can.

I joined SPRING, becoming Vice Chairman. During 2011/12, I played a part in discussions which led to SPRING and other volunteer research-supporting activities in the Charity being unified into what is now the Research Support Network (RSN). Since then I have been a member of the RSN Development Team, a small group of volunteers and staff keeping an eye on the development of RSN and championing projects providing opportunities for volunteers to become involved in the research effort.

I am a committee member of Taunton and Mid-Somerset Branch. As an RSN volunteer, I review grant applications, join site visits to researchers, and work in a small group seeking to build some RSN activities regionally across the South West.

Much of my experience in the food industry and as a consultant was international, including some years on the Board of a specialised food ingredient company. As a volunteer, I have been Vice-Chair of governors at a successful lower school, and a Community First Responder in my home village.

Why apply to become a Trustee? First and foremost because I want to support People with Parkinson’s by helping the Charity’s commitment to research be as successful as possible. I feel my training and experience would enable me to participate effectively in the Board’s oversight and championship of the research strategy itself, and of the role of volunteers within the strategy. Additionally, I would hope that my background will allow me to contribute usefully on other aspects of the Board’s work."
Best of Luck Richard

I predict a close fought contest but I can see you coming from behind,with a late burst an winning by a short head.