Trying to find a specialist neurologist/ hereditary Parkinson's


today my Dr told me I may have Parkinson's Disease. As I have medical cover through my job I need to find a PD specialist neurologist. Does anyone know a specialist in South East London/North West Kent or Central London they could recommend?

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ps my Dad has PD. From your experience, is it hereditary?
My husband has a brother they have the same mother . They both have Parkinsons .

When I asked the consultant if it was inherited he told me they use to say no but people are living longer than they use to .. It seems to coming through that way . There is book named My father brother and I . Or at least something like that might be the other way round lol ..
Its called my father brother and me . Google Parkinsons/my father brother and me
my interpretation of inheritance in pd is -
there are a whole bunch of gene variations which affect your chances of getting pd. genes are inherited so your likelihood of pd is inherited,but there are also important environmental causes which are not. as more genes are identified their roles in causing are becoming clearer.
some variations of some genes make pd very likely so in those cases you get very high occurrences within a family.
(please let me know if i am mistaken).
this is a bit old but fairly comprehensive
thanks for your messages. I have an appointment next week to see a neurologist so we'll see how that goes.
Hi Martin, Saw your post,just had to reply. I have inherited PD. I inherited it from my late Grandmother, I was diagnosed about 30 years ago. As I live in Cambridgeshire, I can't really help you on finding a Parkinson Specialist Nurse. I see one , and she is really helpful. May I suggest that your GP should be able to help you find one, so maybe you could ask him/her. Good Luck.