Tummy Brain

You've got a 'second brain'. It controls your tummy and digestion. It produces half of all the dopamine we as PWP are missing. It is implicated is 'causing' PD but they are not sure about that. It does produce stem cells that can be harvested much, much easier than brain stem cells. These can be used in research and possibly treatment.

Early days but good news methinks
Did you see the latest webinar from Parkinsons Movement? It is no 4 and was produced last week. ( All webinars are on u tube.) It was on this topic and explained interesting research into gut hormones for treatment of Parkinsons .
I knew about my number 2 brain and wondered if it shared the substantia nigra of number 1 brain, cos my no.2's movement is ever bit as bad as no.1's.

It does seem to also have a sense of humour as everytime no.1 utters a laughs no.2 utters a fart, this feeds back to no.1 which emits more laughter which in turn causes, excuse the medical jargon, trumpet bum. The amplification continues until I become hypoxic, this lack of oxygen to no.1's substantia nigra may result in the death of dopamine producing cells.

However I am too embarrassed to post these episodes on youtube.