Has anyone tried turamic, I bought some 500mg capsules and wow I had to turn down my Dbs & lower my pd drugs I was staying on for a lot longer but as I said had to lower meds & dbs as I got very bad dyskinless and could not get on & OFF timings right, so I goggle it and it was not good for me as I was on Azilect ,I’m just wondering as there been any trials. And I would like to point out do not try these without seeking medical advise. I know we have it in are currys ,But how much I do not know. Would like to hear about this more as I do understand in other countries people do take this.


Hi gus,

So sorry to hear about your bad experience with Tumeric. This isn’t something that I could advise you on directly, however, our helpline will be able to provide more help and insight on this.

Feel free to give them a call this evening ( before 7pm when they close) on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,