Turmeric-dramatic results

I've been trying a lot of DIY and natural therapies over the past year and have crafted a daily routine, centered around turmeric. For me, the results have been dramatic. Here's exactly what I do:

  • 30 minutes of exercise daily. For me this is a 15 minute bike, or elliptical workout combined with a brisk fifteen minute walk to the gym.
  • Approximately 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, three times per day (in food)
  • Two turmeric capsules (with black pepper) in the morning and again at noon.
  • An evening meal of strong yellow curry or other turmeric based meal.

I have also been getting acupuncture on a weekly basis for the past year. I'm convinced that the accupuncture helps with balance and also the aches and stiffness. 

If this works for you , please let me know.

PS: If you don't like curry or capsules, use a thumb size section of turmeric root, peel, slice and brew into a tea with honey, lemon and coconut oil.


This is interesting. Could you tell us what symptoms have improved please. 


Hi bullwinkle,

Have looked at your list can see why a good idea to add these foods to diet.  Black pepper, blood brain barrier ? 

I am a fan of trying an amended diet use hemp oil as well for omega 3 especially.  D3 supplements my must have on this list.  

I believe food can have a impact on brain health, which in turn could help pd symptons, for me I want to do all I can to keep the little cells from dying off.  Thanks for this,   Matt K started a similiar thread on diet and excercise some weeks ago, which reinforces this new research.


Hi all, I was interested in the turmeric and have started to add to food this week. Haven't seen the capsules. As Teehee says Mattk started a thread on foods to eat. I would add beetroot (dopamine) and blueberries ( antioxidants). I just think if you look after the diet and fitness (even on a small level) it can only help you feel better. Also it's stuff you can control because there's a lot we can't control with Pd.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, that's probably why it helps.

Don't forget the Chia seeds. Works wonders for constipation, cramps and muscle spasms. Does for me anyway!


Putting Chia seeds on cereal in the morning. It does help tremors!

Wow! thanks tremor could do with calming down a bit.  adding chia seeds to shopping lists. feel like I am darting about on these threads , so many to catch  up with.

The list is getting longer by the day Teehee! We'll be fit as fiddles.

Shame you live further away, divine R would be good to try out the exercise groups. ah well, x

No exercising today. Up in London walking for hours. Now officially fatigued!! My Walking wasuch better by the end tho.

Yep walking does improve with practice but need a rest like you.  hope you had a great day.


A curcumin [from tumeric] study

Thx Maggers, Adding the curcumin (turmeric). YesTeehee, exhausting but lovely day. Relaxing day today!


Me too. Just ordered turmeric with black pepper capsules! 

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