Good morning everyone,
This is the first time I have been on this site and would wonder if anyone could give me some advice please .
I have heard a lot of advice on turmeric and how it helps people with Parkinson’s,
I have seen a bottle of tablets which has
Turmeric curcumin and ginger in it , it is high strength 2600mg is this safe to take for someone who has Parkinson’s more to the point will it effect there medication any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading an early response will be greatly appreciated

Curcumin can provide many benefits.

In itself it is poorly absorbed so I would look for a brand that also includes black pepper (peperin).

Healthy fats further enhance its absorption.

Personally I would not exceed 2000 mg per day.

In regards of interactions with other medications.
It all depends on what you take, so check with a pharmacist or your GP.

There are some research papers published on NIH website about curcumin benefits for PD patients, but none are offering conclusive evidences of potential benefits of curcumin.

Hi Sooty,

Please go onto sites like the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Medicine.
They are two of the top genuine medical information sites.
I have copied below a article from John Hopkins as an example.
I hope it will be helpful.

Brown says turmeric supplements are probably not a good idea. As wonderful as turmeric’s nutritional benefits can be, more curcumin is not necessarily better, and too much can be risky.

For instance, turmeric supplements may increase your risk of kidney stones, especially if this runs in your family. Curcumin supplements contain much higher concentrations of the compound than a person would consume by eating food flavored with the spice or by drinking turmeric tea.

“One challenge of turmeric is that curcumin and other active ingredients are not bioavailable, meaning they are not easily absorbed by the body. Also, the digestive process breaks these beneficial compounds down and eliminates them quickly,” Brown says.

With that in mind, incorporating the spice regularly into your meals can safely boost your intake. Combining the spice with black pepper may help increase your body’s ability to absorb turmeric’s beneficial compounds. A substance in black pepper called piperine, when combined with curcumin, has been shown to increase bioavailability by 2000%.

“It’s better to get curcumin and most other nutrients in whole food form rather than to take turmeric pills, tinctures, capsules or gummies,” she says.

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Can you share the link of this article?