Turning over in bed

I am 63 and was diagnosed with Parkinson`s 6 years ago i am finding it increasing difficult to turn over in bed it takes all my strength just to turn 90 degrees I know this sounds ridiculous but none the less true.
Does any one else have the same problem.

Hi bessey,

Turning over in bed can be difficult for people with Parkinson’s because of rigidity. Changes to your medication may help to stop this, so please do speak to your specialist or Parkinson’s nurse.

We also have lots of useful information and advice on the topic on our website: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/sleep-problems-and-conditions-parkinsons

Hope this helps.

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Hi bessey

You are not alone, my husband is beginning to find if more difficult to turn over in bed now as he is quite stiff.

Owen has given you a useful link - we have some new “slippery” cotton sheets which have been helpful. Hope you find something that works for you. It may sound ridiculous but it’s a serious problem if you’re affected. :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI, Before being diagnosed with PD while in bed one night I said to my hubby I can;t turn over don’t talk silly he said but it was true, I was diagnosed in 2010, and i still can’t turn over in bed, the only way i can is to get out of bed and get back in the other way, last year when we went on holiday I also found that I could no longer swim, but reading some post i find that i’m not on my own.

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Hello Bessey, i, like many others, also have issues when rolling over and adjusting whilst in bed and i am 46 years old, honestly, it is not ridiculous, it is part of the rigidity element of PD.

I tend to roll from my left side onto my back, pause for a moment, then use my right arm to locate the edge of the mattress to offset the risk of falling out of bed, before rolling onto my right side.

I love the idea suggested by my specialist of buying satin bed sheets and satin duvet covers and i am currently pricing these up.

Hope this helps…John

Hi Bessy, I have trouble turning over in bed and I have tried all sorts of things. To me the best and most useful was the short bed bar I got from the community health and rehabilitation service in Norfolk. Not on does it help me get in and out of bed it is very useful in helping me turn. It’s u-shaped and fits under your mattress approximately 12 inches from your pillow. As I say best thing I have found to aid me :sunglasses:

there is a thing called a snoozle slide sheet which helps a bit. it is a sort of satin and just goes ontop of the sheet on one half of a double bed. https://seventhwaveuk.com/115-snoozle-slide-sheet.html

Yes I have to grab gold of the mattress to try and pull myself over. O r get up and get back into bed.

Yes I have the same problem and also get a great deal of pain if I don’t turn every couple of hours

i have had this problem for years, and now use a “bed lever” and a “monkey bar” (a metal tube construct) that hangs a strap over you , it can be grabbed and just allows you to get a bit of leverage. Having several different solutions, leverage + slippy sheets + mattress handles gives you an advantage when struggling in bed.

I think this is quite a common problem. I have difficulty turning over, but I’m not sure it is rigidity that is the problem, more the way I seem to forget how to do things I used to do automatically, such as getting out of the bath or even out of a chair!

I usually find it easier to sit up, or even get out of bed and then get in again. A few nights ago, I found I could turn as I used to before I had PD. But it was just for one night, just like the way my sense of smell returns for just a day every now and then.

I have a slow release Madopar, which the PD nurse suggested I use regularly. I’ve not found it very helpful, but my neurologist prescribed me dispersible Madopar, a low dose pill, and suggested I use it if I’m having a bad night. I have found it works. Last night my muscles did feel very stiff, so I took one of the dispersible tablets and I was back to sleep within an hour.

I know there are lots of special pillows and mattresses for such problems with sleep. I have one for my neck

Hi, it’s a common problem. It helps to replace standard cotton or linen sheets with fine cotton or silk ones. Personally I found this helps but turning over is still a clumsy disruptive process. I also leave the bedclothes hanging loose, only being tucked in at the foot of the bed. Sleeping naked also helps - less friction all round. Hope this helps you. JCPB

I have the same problem. ( almost 7 years since diagnosis) The comments from others are familiar. A while ago, my Parkinson’s nurse prescribed a tablet called Half Sinemet CR, which is a slow release pill and I take two at 10pm. This has helped, although I still struggle a bit.

Hi, my friend, for whom I a full time carer, has had this problem for about 7yrs. We now use slide sheets specifically for this issue. There is a panel in the middle of the sheet that is satin like, and with satin nighties, it works very well.
Sadly, she is now unable to turn herself or get in and out of bed on her own, even with the slide sheet and grab bar, so I use a glide sheet. This is like ripstop nylon and it means I can get her in and out of bed, and positioned comfortably. The sheets can be provided by an Occupational Therapist, as can the grab bar for the bed. Please ask your GP for a referral as the OT can really help with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to help make life a little easier.
My friend has had PD for over 27yrs so don’t be too disheartened. The rigidity is part of her PD experience.

The first thing is controlled slow release tablets for the night time, then bed bar fitted hope this helps

Hi. I had the same problem even before I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed in October 2017. I’ve been taking Selegiline 10mg every morning since July 2018 and I don’t have this problem any more. Whilst before the medication my whole body felt so heavy and very difficult to move or turn around in bed, I now have no problem at all. I’m 64 years old.

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