TV Campaigns

There are some pretty good TV campaigns going on at the moment, each trying to get their piece of the public's spare cash in these frugal times.

St Barts
British Heart Foundation

None of these charities is daft. Their investments in TV advertising must be proving cost effect or they wouldn't do it.

And at the same time the public is becoming more and more conscious of each charity, and - importantly - learning a lot about each condition.

So when will we be joining them, and if not, why not?
hear hear we did a tin rattle in our loca tesco the other day and a lady came up to us and said its about time we saw more about parkinsons we dont see yous very often hopeing to see more of youI was dx last arpil never even herd of parinsons so lets shout out or what ever but lets open this pd thing up to the public am having a morn because if you dont have pd and tell someone you have they dont have a clue what you are talking about and i feel it would be nice if they did thank you
I agree with you both. Even though I don't have Parkinson's (my mom does), people shoukd be made more aware of the condition and how it can affect people's live's. When my mom was first diagnosed, I did some 'research' via the internet and I'm glad I did. Whenever I tell people about Parkinson's they always ask me how it affect's my mom. I personaly think there should be a TV campaign, but how do we go about getting the TV bods to do one? Any ideas anyone?
I switched on the radio at 6am this morning and guess which charity was being mentioned on the news? Yet again, Alzeimers. Does make you wonder.
So did I Mary.....but I forgot all about it! lol

Poker :sunglasses:
Even the government's anti-smoking TV advert campaign is hard-hitting and memorable.

Talking of which, have you noticed how those anti-smoking "send for an information pack NOW" booklets somehow look familiar? Light blue lettering, printed at a slight slant?

Ring any bells? I wonder if their "consultants" had anything to do with the ones WE used?
So do the Post Office Merve. The back of their correspondance has the blue lettering. They must be rebranding as well. I got confused the other dat & thought the letter was from Parkinsons.
a big half page dementia advert in people paper today why not loads going to see it parkinsons next week?
I notice on the Third Sector website that the charity 'Arthritis Research Campaign' is also being rebranded - and will be called 'Arthritis Research UK'. What's with this sudden urge to add UK instead of the last word? And is 'rebrand' the new buzzword for the Spring season?
On Sky TV the Great Ormond Street guys are now using the double-ad method.

At the start of a commercial break they show a long, distressing ad, full of tearful children and heartbreaking emergencies. Then you get a few minutes of other ads, followed by a shorter version of the Gt Ormond St ad to hammer their message home. This is in the SAME commercial break.

The whole double-ad process is then repeated in the VERY NEXT ad break.

I presume this amount of air time must be very expensive. But they're not idiots, it must be cost-effective or they wouldn't do it. It must generate more additional income than the ad campaign costs.

And every extra pound they get is potentially a pound which may previously have been destined for Parkinson's.

All these other charities are fighting HARD for the available cash. So WHERE ARE WE?

I find if people know that i've got PD they do care. But they neally aways have to ask me what Parkinson's is first. Yes we are doing a good job of keeping it secret.
Vowed I wouldn't post again as i've said everything I wanted to. However, yesterday the (very experienced and highly regarded)senior partner at my (excellent) General Practice told me thst he knows 'almost nothing' about Parkinsons. WHY??? I counted 150 posters in the surgery waiting room - nothing about Parkinson's. WHY????

It's not rocket science to work out what needs tohappen. I feel so frustrated!

Don't worry Wobbly, re-branding will rectify everything.
I wear a small pin to say to anyone who looks i've got PD. For some reason it make me feel better to say i've got PD and i'm here. I sometimes think that most people think there is only me and one or two others with PD in Enland. It seems like a well keeped Secret.
Re-Brending says to me. We have got it wrong lets start again. Good brands last so someone got the old brand wrong.
Why was the old brand keep so quiet i never noticed it anywhere before i had PD. I know i wasen't looking for it but but i don't look for a lot of things but i know about them.
Don't wear anything for Parkinson's or might get known like brest cancer and we don't want that do we.
There are 120,000 of us in the UK alone (1 in 500).

You'd think there were about 12, given the amount of publicity we get.

And I agree, the level of understanding the public has is zero, the same as medical professionals at all levels.

It's pathetic.

The PD professionals are the same. I asked where are nearest people with Parkinson's who live near me. They more or less said we cannot say it's a secret. I can understand that in one way. But sometimes begin to wonder if you are all really there. I'm not ashamed i am actually proud that i've got the will power to fight it.
Every single health authority, Trust or Primary Care team, not to mention Neuro department, makes it up as they go along. Usually they all end up doing things differently. No-one has a clue.

Central control and policy is needed, but the mighty Thatcher/Joseph partnership broke up the single NHS into (literally) thousands of non-accountable "business units". It's been a shambles ever since.