So saddened to see the short feature on parkinsons.
What chance do any of us have.?

Hi babswood
Didn’t see it any chance of a few words about what was said

Hi @babswood,

I’m sorry you feel this way. We received a lot of broadcast and online coverage in support of World Parkinson’s Day including ITV news central and Sky News.

Please see the link to ITV news coverage below and do feel free to check out the Unite For Parkinson’s website where you can keep up to speed with all the latest coverage on our campaign.

Many thanks,

Hi Reah

I was not putting down what you have done which is brilliant.
ITV Scotland only showed an elderly man who had just got did not show that anyone can get this.
My apologies for this.
Babs x

Hi @babswood,

No need to apologise at all. No offence was taken by your comment, I just wanted to bring to your attention some of the coverage we received just in case you hadn’t seen it. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Reah if you wish you can amend my post to say StV Scotland.

Soz :no_mouth:

Hi @babswood,

I don’t there’s any need for that. It’s completely fine. :slight_smile:


I had rather the opposite reaction. The only media item I saw was the bbc article about a boy who was diagnosed with PD at the age of 11. Having also now looked at the itv article, it seems to me that the media doesn’t really care about older people who are affected which is, after all, the majority of us. (I am a very ancient 59!).

Im glad that something was shown but still wasnt enough
I thought it would have got atleast 5 minutes airtime
Its ok ,
Ive learnt to live like 2nd class citizen so no change there, ive seen more airtime given to save a donkey
Save us then , we are all jack asses for putting up with low grade medication
Its the companys that make these pills im made at
If they dont cure us or this illness they will always been in businessif they find a cure they loose BILLIONS of £s