Twinks and Tee Hee to the Bad lands go thee

cool Hi Twinks  and  TEE HEE,  I am inserting this post,,, oooh   no  I will change  that Im posting  this post post haste to thee via my  toplap, just  to say I have not forgot about you err  hmmm err  what  have I not forgot  errrm  ehhe eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrme  oh  yes  you   visit  to the  badlands  or  GEORDIELAND if  you  wish, its  not  really  the  badlands  you  know,after all  just  coz 87% of  murders are  commited  within  one  mile  of  my  home  there is  absolutely  no  need  to  worry   you  both seem as insane as myself so  you  will  fit in well  me , I dont  know if you know I know that  my  Daughters  work  shuifts  so  we should  bee  able  to  pick  you  up  at  the  Newcastle Central  Station  but  if you  cannot be  lifted  just  follow  the  signs  for  the  metro and  buy  a  ticket  for  shiremoor when  the  trams stop  at  shiremoor  jump off  and  yours  truly  will  be  waiting,  you  wont  miss me  as  I will  be  far  and  away  the the  HANDSOMEST  GUY  ON  THE  PLATFORM.... how does a platform,,I know nothink AAIIY   FROM  BARCELONA ,   a little prize  if  you  can  answer  who  used  to  say  t  that, (clue  farty towells)  you  have  10seconds  from  now 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  nope  sorry  too  slow  pity  as  it was   a  two  week  stay  all in,  in  the  say  shells.  never  mind  better  luck next   time  I have  had    no replies to  add  o  the numbers but  you  do  know    that  my  good  buddy  J of Grey  is  arriving  in  july about   the 5th   i  think and it  would be  good  for  you  to  meet  this  very  wel  travelleed  Lay,  more  later

                                  I need both  your  emais if  you  dont  mind leave  a  message

                                                                     By 4 Now   FEDEXLIKE4  or  Fed  or FED OR FEAD rhymes  with, fredbig grin

Too late for the prize to the "say shells"  -- but the answer is Manuel of "Fawlty Towers."  I'll have to settle for a trip to good ole Northumberland, I suppose.


AH  Wellcome Lady of Oregon nice  under the Radar move there  Janice, yes you  are correct  the  prize is still unclaimed I  have never been to the say shells so I have no idea what or if they say anything , probably  just  a rewma  to attract  2 r ists,  however as a interest is being  shown here is one I have only established another question which I have   tried to  be  fair  by making it  almost impossible to answer in  10  seconds so as I say in fairness I  have added another 5 seconds allowing more  time to answer but oh  yes theres  always a but,  now there are two questions, ah  hah  yes two my great buddies, and that all  xpenses covered trip is still available, so  two  QESSSCHUNZ then, what was the  name of the cat in the first of many ALIEN movie, plusss the name of the colossal intergalactic refinery vessel , oh and 5grandcash in hand additional teeny weeny lttle prize which is you  should  be  luckyenough to win you  must thank my daughter who has posted a post mentioning her brave  Huband and my son , I dont refer to him as y son in law as our relationship is so strong plus we share the same obbbbeeees,fitogriffy Astro naaameeee, visiting AVIATION MUSEAMS art galleies SO WHEN i mentioned the PARKY WEEK THING  she immediaty in fact it was a instant all I COULD SEE was a blur as she set about creating the page where she is begging for money basicly your money all you have to do is click  on the site and tell how much you want to pay click the  paid button and              your money goes straight to BLACKHEARTS AFFEART ARCH MENMENEY and our FLAGSHIP and Heavy  hitter PARKISONS ANTI  PARKI MILITIA thes brave kind generous fearless happy 24/7 to assist at any time within limits of course, I cant imagine Ezinda being over joyed by a victim of the b?????d disease waking her from a deep  dreamless wonderfull restfull slumber at3am by some pillock who keeps losing his  password and user name, clue well look at my full user name  FEDexlike4, yes folks im onto my fourth FEDexlike4,even though it was  this Lenovo FAILING that causes the trouble, mind  its worked better  than ever since I PLACE MY BRICKIES MASH HAMMER within view of  this littlle potlap I can feel it shivering i  fear right now, and thats because Lappy, a new affectionate name I have christened it as a reward for its steady reiability,

       Now Lady J  Twinks, and TEE HEE, are you  on Skype or can we share telephone numbers I AM NOT  SURE  IF the movers and  shakers will  allow this if not  I will go in a  massive huff  and will never ever,,well   for 10mins30secs post a post on this , well thats cutting my right ear  off  to  spite my my big toe ( right or left ?? ) or feed my 200 chickens   ( he does not have any  chickens, and ive told him to stop being silly and get on with the unsilly things, Mrs  FEDexlike4 )  oh bugg@@ it she nags me constantly from down to dask up  and down black  and white inside out, I just say  yes dear yes yes  no  yes  yes no  no no oh  no yes its  arriving the day after tommorow, a replica of the rack used as a instrument of  ttorture for riding your  bike without lights or for having  a bad haircut, beloved has a lot  of male visitors they all  cover their face either with a hoodie or one  of those balaclavas  that ony has holes for the eyes and mouth, strange yesterday for instance two newcastle united players arrived with a cardboard box full of rope Ductape, they said they were  in the  first team but one guy had such a pot I  tought he was  having twins,the other was carrying  AK47 Assault rifle so I JUST SAID  " straight ahead and down the steps " well I watched the TOON s last game so its the  premier   ship next season though why  they cant   play  on  a pitch like the other teams I mean how wil they retieve  the ball  if  it  goes over  te  side and what if  its stormy thill al bbe  sick  as  a dog, especially with ten pints a broon ale sloshing about inside tha bellies especially that fat guy I mentioned earlier, he was or s  one of GAZZAS pals so any mate of Gazzas is a mate of  mine,  AH yes dear yes dear beloved is  calling  so how about my plan using skype and or phones I think you will trust me im not a mad axe murdereeerer  bugg@r  now  come  on dont  play  up  now,,, sorry Lappy often needs encourage ment as he loves communicating with fellow  laptops and seems very enthusiastic when  you light up yours  Lady J of Grey  strange isnt it

                     Right Iam going to send this FEDEX HEAVY into the unknown who know if it will reach its destination if you hear a thup r even a hump,,, oh god  ill get  aa   thump  if  I  dont go downstairs



                           WELL HAS IT ARRIVED GUYS

                                              I missed  a  couple  of  pieces of  info  despite beloved butting in her nose with, I have 200  chickens, the NORTH  KOREAN  LINCTUS INVIBS they  are  very  rare and   becoming  rararare by  the  hour thats  coz  the   LINCTUSs   are  yotally  or  if  you  prefer  tottally  invisable,  so  there  you  are   yahboosucks  to  Mrs  Fed, also  as  I  WAS  going  to  say  I was  going  to  feed  them  sand  and  cement  then   I would  have 200  bricklayers  clever  eh  you all  think I NEED  RE  WIRING,   BUT  ONCE AGAINI have  shown  brilliance  beyond  compare  a FEDEX VAN has just brought  a  very  heavy  duty  carboard box,, and  before  I could  say  NORTHUMBERLANDISTHEFINESTCOUNRYBYFARBETTERTHANALLYOUSEOTHERSBYMILESANDMILLESANDMILESFOREVERANDEVERNEVERAGAIN,,MY DEAR little wolverine snatched it from  the  poor  driver  and dissapeared into  the  semi  darkness of  our  Dungeon,  errr  cellllar???, I now know why  she   buys DUNGEON WEEKLY Im  not  allowed  to   read  it,anyway  I much prefer  my  lapotp  I WILL MESSAGE MY SKYPE AND PHONE if  you  have  no  desire  to reciprocate  that  absolutely  fine  just  dont  expect  to  win  any  prizes,  which  by  the  way  no  one  did  so  here  are  the  answers.

                                                                                     1  Joensy

                                                                                      2 NOSTROMO

                                                                                                                         SORRY  IF  YOU  WOULD  LIKE A QUIZ  ON GENRAL  KNOWLEGE  OR  ANY SUBJECT ILL  DO  ONE  FOR  YOU,  also if  you  want  to  turn  the  tables  on  old  FED  MY hobby  ne  fanatical  hobby  is  Aviation  Aircraft  ANYTHING ABOUT  PLANES  you  can  torment  me  back

                                              oh  by  the  way  the FEDEX driver  said he   wouldnt  like  to  be  in  my  shoes ?????????????????????


Hi Fedexlike4 --

I hadn't realized that you have been through four incarnations.  You really do keep the team busy, don't you?   We wouldn't want them to languish in boredom.

This time I'll say no thanks on the general knowledge quiz.  I have learned that your general knowledge and my general knowledge don't intersect in very many fields.  Aviation? sports? popular music?  I'm a zero there.  Literature, language, gardening, classical music, birds -- now there I'd have a fighting chance. 

I don't recall at the moment whether I sent you a copy of my second collection of poems, but in it is a poem inspired by a wartime incident my husband related to me.  You crossed my mind when I wrote the word "spad" in it.  (I think the book is on Amazon in the UK.)


Hello Kind Lady of Oregon

           big grinHello  Oregon kind  person, there were a couple of  docyews ont telee,last  weak about  the wildlife and railways of Portland and  Oregon the wild life in particular Black Bears being  chased  by  alittle  pug  and  a  black  cat  chasing  another  huge  black  bear, it  was so   funny, also deer badgers and Moose wandering into  peoples  homes I personally think with  bears and larger creatures  better to be safe  than  sorry and  keep your  doors shut,  birds and  squirrels ok   but I would not like  a  black bear  fantastic  animals  though  they  are  to come  visit when im in  the  middle  of  HORIZON and Lady Fed,  would make a hideous  screeching which takes the  paint  off  doors , I  KID  YOU  NOT   and  the  poor bear would  wreck  the  house  trying  to  escape.

           Irang Twinks  earlier I  think she  wasnt  sure  at  first  but  as  always  a  stranger is  afriend of  someone  who  though they  are  actually strangers well  they  are  not  after  1/2 hr  chat if  you  see what  ???  anyway   she  is  looking forward to meeting  you  ,I havee  to  contact  TEE HEE  YETEE, SO  I wait for the  itenary to  firm  up  our  plan  take care and  watch  for  bears remember a lot  of  buddies  of  you  cares and a bear in  your hair would  be  massive  scare  so  there ,  wordsworth  who.


Hello, Twinks, Tee Hee, Fedex, and anyone else interested --

At last I have received my detailed final itinerary for the garden tour I'll be taking in Northumberland in July (in six weeks).  The group will be staying in or very near Hexham, and it looks as if July 4 would be the day I'd most likely be free by mid- to late afternoon so that I could meet with any of you who might be interested.  I'd love to meet any of you who could get to Hexham that day.  Please send me a private message, and I'll respond with more details.  Or reply here and then I'll send you a private message.

Quite excited at the prospect of meeting some of you in person!

cool Well Twinks is a deffo,  TEE HEE  ?? NOT SO, her mums  ill  I hope  more folks decide to turn up as its a good opportunity.


sad face

                         Hello TEE HEE  and TWINKS, I hope you  are  both  well  Twinks  inn your  new home  and TEE HEE I hope your  Mum is feeling  much  better, but if you cant  make it  well  theres always  another day so  dont  worry  obviously  we  would  love  you  to  visit us  but  no  pressure   we  have  enough  worries  with  PD  take  care


Hi All,

Mum out of hospital still awaiting results of a few more tests has ct scans booked etc.  I really need to take some time out and I think a trip to meet you all would be lovely.  Just catching up today so forgive me for being "out of action" as been spending most of my time with mum. xx



                        Thats   good  news  about  your  Mum  and  about  you  being free  to  venture  north  have  you  contacted Ruth  and  BETTY  BLUE yett

                                                     FED4   LINDA

Ruth a scream, chatted away not spoken with bikerbabe yet but hopefully this eve...we could write a book 5 go mad in Hexham. x

Just sorting out trains, crosscountry unfortunately aka wheelie bins on wheels but we will try not to embarass you when we turn up.  I will be wearing a pair of sunglasses and a trenchcoat with a copy of parkinsons research magazine under my arm.  The other two are dressing up as bananas  or something from the fruit bowl.?  plans are underway .....operation codename xedef. x



           I am  excellent  by  the coedid preeeveeeus poestieen knewsz   ov sukhc  momentitty ees vary  VARY RAREY,, NOEW atest 4u I veel tipe ownlee port ov virds folloween theeze introe yoomist copleeet thee poets to obteinfree backkk pass  age of the BADDDlonds or GEordieelonds whheech iver prever yu  vill haff tuprembirr this coed for youre safeteeeekGEEEKbird,I weeheel poest theez  owenly onse.

 T,, co,, ne,, mi,,ki,,g   A,, Y,, going  t, do I,  N,, f,, T,,,  a,, In ,,str,,s s.  g.  a,d d, ,ou,  J., I.m,,,ate..

                          clue                   HOLSTEIN rthese    as per  a  prize for  you  or  anyone who  can  complete  within  30 secondz starting  now,  ahh   what  a  shame  no  one  replied  pity  as  it  was  that  three  week  HOLLIDAY  IN  THE  SAYSHELLS     however  it  will  role  over  to  next  week  when  once  again  you  will  have  NOT A CAT  IN  HELLS  chance  of winning  this word game is open  to  all                                   FED4      

Haven't been on the forum for a while.........Broadband problems, but all fixed today.

Looking forward to the trip up further North on 4th. July with BB and TeeHee, to meet FedEx and J of Grey Cottage. Sounds like it will be a hoot!!


    Hello   Twinks yes I think  it will be  very  interesting my wife and I have arranged  a room at the castle  from  which we will  sneak  up  on J and a warm welcome will ensue oh  what fun we will have  as  J has  no  idea  of  our  little  suprise so it  will  be suprising for our  OREGON BUDDY, dont  tell  her as I want  it  to  be  a  suprise,,???

                                                                                                                     FED4big grin

Errrmmmmmm...........I think she might guess, when she sees this post Fed!!!!! What are you like....derr???

Fedex you are a "demon"  cats and birds all in the same post, what are you like.....  chatted away to biker babe and the twinkly one thankfully they are as mad as frogs, but lovely in a kinda normal way too.  We decided against blowing two years pip's allowance on a room at Langley Castle and booked a room at a not so grand but not so shabby hotel nearby.  We are all different characters but share a wicked sense of humour so should be a giggle.  Dinner in the drawing room, you got your crayons. .?  See you all very soon, be afraid very afraid . not really , my purr is worse than my bite. 

Hello TEE HEE Ithought I  would hire a sweet of rmore and  stand in reception like a nite in rmore , then suddenly leap out  and  SUPRISE  Lady J, but on 3rd thoughts  its a bad eye deer,

what do you call adeeer  with  no  eyes  ERMM IVE NO IDEA,   A DEER WITH NO EYES AND NO LEGS  IS EM  STILL NO  IDEA.

                                   OH IVE TAKEN THE  V6 DIESEL OFF MY  WHEEL  CHAIR AS IT DRIPS OIL 

                BYEEE    FED4


Twinks, I don't think she'll catch on.  After all, she's from that country that elected Donald Trump as President.  How smart can she be?