Two Chronic conditions

Hi there was wondering if anyone else with PD had another Chronic condition like me as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as having PD.
At present I am really struggling with both… I would like to speak with anyone who has similar conditions eg 2 chronic diseases which will both get worse through time.
Today I am in Glasgow to see my Rheumatoid doctor.
I am hoping she will give me a steroid injection which will help me immensely.
Àpart from these two diseases I havev5 discs out in my back which I am still waiting for an operation to fix.The pain from that is so bad that I take morphine
through out the day to take the edge of the pain. I am certainly not saying all this to get sympathy not at all I would just like to know if anyone going through anything similar can give me any advice.
At present I feel as though I am in a long dark tunnel annd cannot ses the light at the end.

I love my hols and won’t be able to go away until my back is fixed.
I am a positive person and keep pushing myself along but how many times can you do this.
Here’s hoping my doctor today can give me some answers.

Hi Babswood,

Hope you got some help when you saw the rheumatologist doctor,that is awful having pd and all the other things too,Sorry I can’t help as I only have pd but wanted you to know how awful it must be for you
Best wishes AnneD

Thanks so much for your reply Anne .
Not many of us on here appear to have.mùch to say.

…well Anne I will tell you my story of today. You know how I keep husband dropped me off at the hospital and told me to get a taxi from the hosp to the train station.and when I get off the train to get a taxi up to the house.well I got a Kenelog injection and once I got in the taxi. I said to myself. You could stop off at the shops and hubby will never know as I have not fell and dont intend after i had done what I wanted guess what happened next

Well I fell you know that way your leg is burning and you don’t want to cry.
Well before I knew it I was surrounded by people shouting get an ambulance. I refused this and said if they could just get me up.which they did they were so kind as Glasgow people usually are
I’m saying that as I am originally from Glasgow.

Once up they got me on a seat I felt terrible.A woman from the bakers came out and said for them to bring me into the shop and she would give me a cup of tea.
I phoned my hubby who came away from work on the other side of Glasgow to get me.

So what a day ive had a swollen and cut knee Bruising on my nose and a black eye. So hubby saying again I’m not to go out unless someone is with me.

Think I will be in bed early tonight I’m shattered.

Babs x Thinking just how kind Scottish people are !!!

Hi Babs - what a day you’ve had! Have a day in bed tomorrow and recover. So sorry what you have to go through daily, my sis-in-law has RA so know what you are going through. Then there is your back problem, one slipped disc is bad enough but five, how did that happen?. My daughter had one slipped disc and was in agony and had an injection in her back so again I can sympathise with you with the problem you have.

Take it easy matey and I hope you will soon have your op sorted out, and hope it works!

Sheila x

Hi Babs,
Hope your feeling better today after your awful day yesterday,
How is your swollen knee and black eye?
I had a terrible face when I fell downstairs and broke my wrist as I crashed into the radiator in the hall!I was black and blue on both sides from my eyes to my chin,glad to say it is fine now but my wrist is still not right,think there will be always a weakness in it and it’s my right one.
Better stop moaning as it’s nothing compared to you.
Do you have a mobility scooter?My walking is much worse now,can’t make up my mind whether to get one soon or wait until I really need it.ļ
I have not fallen since I fell down the stairs but I stumble a lot.
Best wishes AnneD

Cheers Anne for your good wishes. No I do not have a mobility scooter and don’t ever want one.
I am feeling much better today apart from my knee which really hurts.
I do have a wheel chair which I use sometimes when I’m bad.
I am in the process of getting a wet room put in.So that will make a big difference for Me.
Hope you are well and thanks again for reading my post.
Babs x

Hi Babs,
I think a scooter would be good as it would give me more independence,I don’t have a wheelchair but I do have an adjustable bed which is good.
We took out the bath in our main bathroom and put a large shower in it but a wet room would have been better.
Cheers Anne d x