two soups

Hi everyone, Im 56 married with 3 sons and living in Wliltshire.
I was diagnosed 18 months ago although the specialist thinks ive had it for a couple of years before that. I have joined the forum to see if i can learn any more about Parkinsons. seeing other people,
writing about their problems i might gain more knowledge. The worst problem l have at the moment is walking some days its like my legs have a mind of their own,other days i can walk well.
sorry if this is boring im not used to writing about me!!

Hi Wendy,
Im in the same situation as you, married with 3 teenage sons. I too have issues with walking. Its very frustrating but i use different techniques. Counting steps /repeating heel toe-heel toe, as i walk/swing my (weak) right arm. Not always successful but concentrates the mind. I also find the pd warrior moves helpful. Because they are big movements i think they have an effect in the brain. That’s how i feel anyway.
Hope that helps.

Hi Divine 1 thanks for your reply i have tried pd warrior exercises they are good and you can easily do them when doing housework,I find i get so frustrated when i cant walk around the shops yet i can walk perfectly down to the shops, do you find you are worse when you are at home im terrible but when i get outside im a lot better. I have tried to lift my feet like i was going to go upstairs that sort of helps.
Do you have moments when you freeze? They are so frustrating, i try to keep positive and get on with
day to day life Im not giving in yet.

Hi again!
Funnily, im worse in the house, in that i drag my leg and shuffle a bit in small spaces. When I’m out and i can get a good rhythm going, Im much better. My big annoyance at the moment is the stiffness in my right hand and the way i hold it.
It could be worse and like you i try to remain positive.