My 64 year old Dad is newly diagnosed and yet to start any treatment. He was started on Madopar but this had no effect so the Neurologist has suggested Rasagiline and a Dopamine agonist so fingers crossed. We are a bit concerned by all the side effects and also wondered if anyone else has looked into the effects of tyramine when taking MAO-inhibitors?
hi kim
"rasagiline, when used at the recommended dose, is selective for MAO-B and is not associated with heightened tyramine sensitivity. This conclusion is also supported by safety results from large clinical trials of rasagiline in Parkinson disease involving 2066 rasagiline-treated patients who did not require dietary tyramine restriction per protocol. In late 2009, US labeling for rasagiline was modified to state that dietary tyramine restrictions are not ordinarily required when rasagiline is administered at recommended doses."

however some sites still say not to eat foods rich in tyramine.

the main thing seems to be the recommended dose, i was told by a doctor that taking more does mean it is no longer selective for MAO-B and starts to work on MAO-A.