Tyrosine +B12

I’m taking the above on the advice from another PD patient, who is trying to reduce his Sinemet.

Has anybody had any experience of this amino acid supplement…

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I just wanted to chime in here to let you know that we have covered this topic on our blog as you may find the information helpful. I’d encourage you take a read here: https://medium.com/parkinsons-uk/parkinsons-and-protein-what-s-the-connection-41e6c820e071

I’m sure you’ll hear from some of our member soon, but hopefully you’ll find this info helpful in the interim. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Reah

Just a brief update folks. I’ve been taking Tyrosine, 1 x 750mg per day and it helped my symptoms. It helped with my slow movement, reduced my aches and pains and helped with the stiffness.

I wanted to discover exactly to what extent this could assist so increased the dose from 1 tablet to 3 per day.

This resulted in extreme nausea and dizziness. Whilst lay on the bed the room was spinning.

I’d advocate extreme caution.