U.K. holidays and breaks

I have spent a fruitless morning trying to find a hotel /self catering that offers a fully reclining chair /electric bed. We desperately need a break and would consider anywhere a days drive from London. The booking agencies promise but do not deliver. Any suggestions most appreciated. Money not prime concern.

Have you tried this site? They have all sorts of info.
Good luck.

Many thanks. I had tried them but had entered in hotels only. (I am no techie). No hotels suitable but lots of s.c. Options.

You are most welcome. I hope you find something suitable and are able to get that much needed break.

Hello everyone, just wondered if anyone has had experience of a coach holiday in UK? My husband is 6 years diagnosed with PD and no longer drives. I do drive but as he always undertook all the longer distance driving on holidays I’m just not confident enough to drive too far out of our local areas. We used to love our walking holidays doing the South West coast path in Devon and it would be lovely to return. I have started looking at coach trips but as we’ve never done one before I’m bit unsure what to expect! We are very ‘young’ 71 year-olds, ha ha! Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you.

We have done a coach trip,first ever and enjoyed it,my husband used a mobility scooter,so you may need to ask the company if there is any restrictions, we found the only down point was the multiple pick up points,and the change over st the interchanges,not all companies do this.
Good luck,just do a lot of searching.

Hi Diane, thanks for info. I think we may just give a tour a go as it’s going to be the only way we’ll get further afield. I know these holidays cater for an older clientele and I suppose we are now in that category! It’s just that we hoped to have a few more years travelling independently I suppose. But it’s just one of the many facets of our life that PD has intruded upon lately like so many others on the forum. Such a cruel and unwelcome condition… Have a good weekend.

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There is a Facebook page called Coach Holiday Fans which will give you lots of information and reviews.

Thanks Alfsnan, I’ll take a look at that too. Jean

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I’m new to the forum and saw your post about needing a break away from London. hoopladoopla.com offers the perfect escape with self-catering accommodation and a fully reclining chair/electric bed. Hoopladopla has a great selection of places to stay in the UK that’ll be just a day’s drive away from London. And don’t worry, they deliver what they promise - I’ve stayed at a few of their places and always had a great time. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank either. So, if you’re looking for a getaway that’s easy to book and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, defo check them out

Might be worth a look?

I appreciate for sharing the links, I will check them out. :slight_smile: