U step 2 walking frane


Has anyone had any experience of using or trialling the "U Step 2 Walking frame" as distributed in the UK by Adaptability.co.uk


it appears to have been deigned with Parkinsons in mind but any experiences you might be willing to share would be very welcome


Greetings from Oregon, USA!

Anyone I know who has used it over here loves it. I saw a few at the conference. There is a smaller version for those with smaller houses. A guy I know uses it now, but before he was in a wheelchair, so he is now independently mobile.

The reverse brake system is great and is regarded as one of the best features.

There is a laser option, although you have to be looking down to see it, and the guy I mentioned above tended to look straight ahead.

They are not cheap. Last time I looked they were over US$500, and the laser option was more than another $200.

I believe at least one guy at the conference rented one ( had PD + leg operation) so was using it for his convalescence.

Hope that helps!