UK citizen living overseas with Parkinson’s

I am 66 and been diagnosed with pd for over two years.
I am on Sinemet three times a day and so far keeping on top of it but realise that it will get worse in the future.
I’m seriously considering moving overseas rather than living out the rest of my days in the miserable :uk:
However I’m mindful of the fact that I have an excellent gp, lovely pd nurse and a pleasant knowledgeable neurologist.
I’m not desperate to move but feel it’s a big world and I’m not going to be around for ever.
Is anyone of the same mindset?
Has anyone done it?
Which countries offer similar medical care for pd sufferers?

I wouldn’t move!
Especially without researching what treatment’s other countries might give you, aqua fit can help.
61 and had Parkinson’s 6 yrs, sinemet same as you, getting achy legs, sometimes shoulders when tired

If you are receiving your state pension then you may qualify for an S1 Healthcare cover when moving abroad | NHSBSA as far as I know you will only qualify for what the citizens of the country get - often minimal as they rely on you having private insurance to top up the State cover.

Good afternoon Jules9 … I am 69 years old & had been living in Florida for 6 months a year playing golf. I have been doing this for 9 years. But my health has gone down hill & I now live in the UK full time.

I had an Atrial Fibrillation issue a few months back & had a 2 day stay in hospital. Had I had that in Florida it would have wiped me out financially, So thank heavens for my Parkinson’s diagnosis in June 2023 that was the final straw in staying in the UK full time.

The UK will give you 3 months of medication if you are going for an extended holiday. Trouble of course is the cost of the travel insurance you will need.

Best of luck

Hi I am 57, British and live in Turkey. I was diagnosed out here 3 years ago. Compared to the UK there is very little assistance for those with PD. I am not entitled to state healthcare so pay privately to see a neurologist and it’s not easy to find a good one - I travel 250 km to see a professor. There are no Parkinson’s nurses, no support groups, no specialist physio referral services. You are on your own! The treatment protocol here is to try to avoid giving patients under 60 levadopa and treating younger patients with dopamine agonists to try to avoid dyskinesia for as long as possible. I have to pay in full for my medications.

On the plus side blue skies and sunshine and a more laid back approach to life help with the mental health aspect of PD and having and being able to use a swimming pool for six months of the year is great for exercise.

Despite having no real professional support network, I would rather be here than in the UK.

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