UK Together Events - What difference will our new strategy make to you?

Find out by coming along to one of our UK Together events in June and July. Events are taking place across the UK, bringing together people affected by Parkinson', our volunteers and our regional staff teams.

Why should I come along?

The event is open to anyone affected by Parkinson's, whether you've been involved with us before or not.

Come along and find out:

  • what Parkinson's UK has achieved over the last five years and how our new strategy builds on this
  • what difference our new strategy will make to you
  • why and how support for people with Parkinson's will develop locally

As well as this, it' a great opportunity to meet and chat with other people affected by Parkinson's in your area. You can enjoy getting to know people during the course of the day and over lunch.

When and where can I find my nearest event?

There are 14 UK Together events taking place in June and July across the UK. To find your nearest event, please contact Annabel Theaker on 0207 963 3929 or email [email protected]

Please get in touch with us by Tuesday 26 May at the latest, to check if there are places available at your nearest event.

If you have any questions about the day, please call the Local Group Network Team on 0207 963 3929 or email [email protected]

Here's what some people said about last year's UK Together events:

"Truly inspirational day, now a fully committed volunteer"

"Lovely to meet and share ideas"

"Feel really proud to be part of this!"

"Very friendly atmosphere, feeling we are all working towards a common goal"

"Found out a lot more about what is involved overall"

"Discussing things together has made me feel more connected"