Uncontrollable tremor

Please help. Got an uncontrollable tremor, traumatised by A&E visit. How can I try to stop it?
Sorry you are in trouble Flower.

We need a bit more info to be able to say anything helpful. Are you taking meds, what dose, how long for etc.

If you can tell us more I'm sure people will try to help.
The only advice I can offer is you let your whole body relax. I know it is difficult but with a little practice it is possible. Sit down and rest your head on something so that there are few muscles under stress. Try to let your whole body go limp.
It is worth a try.
kvell's advice sounds good. a plan b might be a glass of booze and a hot shower.

Could you expand in the traumatising A & E visit? My sinemet mostly controls tremor. I have been told that I tremor when I talk but I can't say I've noticed it particularly. If I notice it my arm is more like flapping than trembling. I am 73 with no worries (apart from PD!!) so I've come to think I don't have a tremor problem except if shivering in the cold starts it off. However, this week I got a parking ticket for a car I sold three weeks ago and went into complete meltdown - shaking, panicking, mental fog and flapping right arm - and that's just a parking ticket so its not surprising that A & E trauma might result in a more long lasting effect, with sort of flashbacks triggering it. THIS WILL PASS. Actually I've no medical quals. to warrant saying this but I'm sure meditation, yoga or Tai Chi would probably help. I managed to focus with the bit of brain that was working and sorted the ticket out with the DVLC to whom amazingly I got through straight away. Otherwise I would probably have remained in a bit of a state all day.

I expect others will have some tips for you

Good Luck