Under 18 year olds posting on the forum

Hi - -Can I ask why younger people under the age of 18 are not allowed to post on this site. I am sure there are many who have loved ones who are affected by the condition who may need to air their views.

Hi,Younger people can view this Forum and may therfore have worries and concerns raised by some of the issues which they then cannot express.Could I suggest that they be allowed to post.I am not sure whether we should be made aware of their age or not.Perhaps on balance, we should be made aware because if they are under 18 they are children and should be treated with the care ,consideration and respect that that status confers.
Hi again, I suppose I feel quite strongly about this as when I was 13 and my mother was very seriously ill I had nobody to whom I could turn.I dare not ask relatives such questions as,"Is she going to die?" as I did not want to upset them. Other questions seemed too trivial to raise,besides they were always so peoccupied. I do not think I would even have phoned a helpline as that would have seemed such a big step, besides the vague worries I had needed teasing out.This gave the impression to those around me that I was not concerned. I suspect this often happens with children;people think they do not fully realise what is going on.If I could have had access to a Forum I would certainly have used it for all those worries that sometimes I even had trouble verbalising
I realise that there is the risk of "wind up" but that is possible any way.I was wondering whether there would be enough take up for an under 18s section.
I hope this posting will be taken seriously as it has upset me to write it wven after all these years.
I appreciate both sides of the differing opinions.

However, could there not be an area of the forum set up exclusively for under 18's, not with access to all areas of the forum, just another sub heading, and with PM's disabled? Somwhere they can post their concerns. We can, even now choose the no PM option, so I am sure that the IT wizards can facilitate this!!

As has been said, young people can view the forum without registering. If they cannot post to express their concerns and to ask pertinent questions that they may have it may also worry them unneceassriy. It is a one way system for them.

Our two were barely into their teens when my OH was diagnosed and would,I am sure, have appreciated being able to find out more information when PD was still a pretty no go topic at home.
Dear Emily, Thank you for your reply. I had forgotten about personal E mails routes available to Forum members. I am ,however, aware of the problem of adults approaching children via the the Internet who do not have their welfare at heart, to say the least. I also realise that by banning children from the Forum the Society is protecting itself legally, as in practical terms there is little that can be done to filter them out if they are determined enough, nor can they be prevented from reading the posts. This is evident from your original posting.It could be argued that it is a parents job to supervise what is viewed on the internet and put in parental controls but this does not always happen.
Could I suggest that suitable avenues for children to receive help be posted on the site somewhere. I know there is Childline, but children may not feel that has the anything to do with P. D. nor would they want to phone or E mail the P.D.S Help Line unless invited to do so. Perhaps a special number being given. The same reassurances about confidentiality could be given as are given on Childline.I hardly think the Society would be swamped with calls but one child suffering is one too many.

It's been a long time since i was on this site and if i remember correctly i was in agreement with something you said then as indeed i am now.

To Sticky I say: This is to important an issue to give a blanket statement like you and your fellow monitor have given. Lets be realistic for a moment, on this site I could be 6 or I could be 60 and nobody would have a clue (infact i'm 28, 6ft 2ins really fit with rippling muscles).

If I was 16 I could probably run rings around most the people that use this forum and with over 1000 topics and more than 50,0000 answers i'm sure that if a question was needed by an under 18 year old that they would just type the question into the search engine and the chances are the question would have been asked before and there will be a selection of answers.

Back to the issue. I realise that human nature is such that no matter how much we canvas you 'rules is rules' and nobody will do owt to look at the problem. I suggest that one of your topic headings should be titled 'Under 18 year olds' and you can moniter it with diligents.

Apologies if some of my comment have put anyones nose out of joint that was not my aim. However, this is a problem area which needs addressing and resolving as soon as possible because there are kids out there looking for answer and sometime GP is not always the right person to be asked, as my young 17 year old daughter found out when she asked her GP 'what problems is my dad going to have with Parkinson's'. He told her 'Lets face it dear, he's just going to get worse and die


P.S. Oh I lied about the descipton I gave of myself. but it was nearly correct though - I am actually 53 years old 5ft 6ins fat n flabby with a balding head and teeth from woolworths which are actually to big and clatter when I chat.
Hi People

Just read my last post and it sounds really stroppy. It was meant to be humorous, funny and full of wit. Unfortunately it just sounds like the script from a victor meldrew scene.

Appologies people.

Hear Hear, Bryn!!

I especially like your idea of ECD being a monitor with her 3 pals,

..........Dilli and gents


What a very clever play on words, Very worthy of you Sir!!