Undiagnosed but casebook

My husband, aged 59, has Parkinson’s symptoms – tremors in both hands, stooping, no sense of smell, can only speak in a whisper. He has not been diagnosed but, from research online, he seems pretty casebook. He has had some of the symptoms for several years, but others have only been apparent for the last 18 months. He is not a great fan of the medical profession and even less so of the pharmaceutical industry so the chance of him taking any medication is nil. I prefer to use natural remedies myself so I can understand this, but we are at a loss as to what might help.

Naturally, he is quite depressed about this and has other health issues which he also won’t see a medic about! I think he finds the tremors the worst to cope with, so would appreciate any advice as to any alternative therapies that others have found to help.

We live in a very rural part of Greece so finding local access to resources is quite difficult, along with the language difficulties!

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Hi Polly,
Please be patient, there’s a vitamin at the end. :wink:
When I read your post, your husband’s symptoms sounded very similar to what I am living through right now. However, I’m not a doctor and I hope you will seek professional advice before making a decision.

I’m 63. Early this year I started experiencing “bouts” of what felt like severe anxiety while at work; hunched-over, stooping, and shallow breathing. The symptoms tended to “come on” an hour or so after lunch and lasted several hours. At that time I was also exercising daily; riding bike ~6 miles (10k) from work to lunch-place and back.

My neurologist said the anxiety-like symptoms probably indicated a serotonin imbalance and, for that, provided two choices “Escitalopram (AKA: “Lexapro”) and Duloxetine (AKA:CYMBALTA”), both designed to help “regulate” serotonin level. HOWEVER, she had me get a BLOOD TEST (prior to my appointment) and it indicated significantly LOW VITAMINE B6 level. For that she advised 100mg B6 daily.

Then came Covid19.
I only take B6 now (besides carbidopa/levodopa).
I lowered my carbidopa/levodopa dosage and live with a bit more tremor. (work-at-home policy makes this more feasible). I’m exercising much more and take a nap after noon if tired.

I can’t describe how much better I feel without straining credibility.

Please get hubby to see a physician and find out if B6 supplement is recommended.


Hi Tremors,
Welcome to the forum. I’m glad the B6 is working out for you however we would only recommend that you reduce your carbidopa/levodopa dosage after discussion with your consultant or Parkinsons Specialist Nurse.


Try this it is a natural source of dopamine and I find it helps me feel better, less jittery if that makes sense. The prescribed meds in my opinion are rubbish. My opinion but everybody is different. This is definitley worth a go though.