Now I know there's loads of people that do loads more fundraising than i do but it would be nice to have some acknowledgement about what I've done. I've raised over £5000 this year so far through organising 2 comedy events and holding collections. Not only that ive also helped design a sticker for Parkinsons U.K. So I could give stickers out when children donate. 

Rant over 

Well done your efforts are much appreciated.

Perhaps a thread with your fundraising achievements would help.

That way you could keep everyone informed of the money you have raised and get the plaudits you deserve.


Hi Big M,

We are really sorry to hear you're unhappy, it sounds like you've done a fantastic amount of fundraising!

Please can you send us a private message with some more information about where you're based so that we can get in touch with your regional fundraising officer?

Many thanks,


I'm based in Leeds and I'm in contact with my regional officer Joanne . All I want is just an acknowledgement and a mention when I organise an event. 


Many congratulations Big M well done. I think we need a whole lot more willing fund raisers like yourself. Perhaps if you contact the parkinsons magazine editors, I'm sure the team can give you the phone number of who to contact to speak to them about your ventures.

You don't mention if you have or someone you know has parkinsons, if you do not have any connections then I would like to thank you from the many who do, every donation helps towards research 

All the best - Sheffy

Hi Big M,

Thanks for getting back to us to let us know where you're based. We've passed your comments on to your region and understand you've been working closely with Chrissie, who has been supporting you with your fundraising events.

We really are hugely grateful to everyone who raises money for us, and appreciate the commitment you've made.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.


well done big m and thankyou we need more people who will work like we do or we will never find a cure

best wishes xx