Unhelpful comments

As a carer, I’ve looked on here when feeling a bit in need of support, but there are so many horrible comments, I give up. Carers need support and understanding, which is in short supply. Too much condemnation of people struggling. Once again coming away feeling it’s bit a real negative experience, but certainly this is the last time

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I would like to reply to you but first need to understand what it is you find unhelpful. I too have found one comment particularly both unhelpful and unrealistic especially given the state of care in this country at the moment. I think you may be raising some very valid points but we need to know what they are. Much love to you Aileen

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I am a carer for my husband who has parkinsons and I have not seen any really negative comments about carers however i must say that i look at the emails but only read those items and comments that interest me.

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Hi @Aileen, :wave:t5:

I’m really sorry you feel this way.

This forum is here to offer help and support to anyone affected by Parkinson’s including carers. We certainly don’t condone any negativity directed at anyone here; however, from my observation there seems to be a lot of support for carers especially from other carers on the forum. I would advise you to explore some of the threads within this category as I’m confident you’ll come across other members who can relate to your challenges and can offer some genuine advice.

I’d hate for you to leave the forum feeling as though you haven’t received the help that you need and I would encourage you to speak to our helpline service for information on the different types of support that is available to you. Do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,