Universal credit


Hi world

I understand universal credit has started too be rolled out today?!, i've tried too look at it and understand it, but too be honest i cant make head nor tail of it, it seems too be too complex for my pot noodle of a brain too work out,

 the formula seems too be ..add this too that take that from that then remove that then you end up with your uni-versal rate?.

what ever that is but the official gov web site doesn't seem too want too let on the actual rates, it just refers you too another page  and if you look further a page after that and you still don't have a answer at that point.

Is it just too confuse us when we are already confused???.

Has any one else looked at it?. 

Can you make head nor tail of it?.

Does pduk make head nor tale of it?


Hi Sea Angler,

I spoke to our Policy Team about your question.

Universal credit is rolling-out very slowly. The announcements yesterday conceal the fact that it’s only a limited number of jobcentres as present and the only benefit people in those areas that’s switching to universal credit, is jobseekers’ allowance. Employment and support allowance (the main work replacement disability benefit) isn’t online on universal credit yet.

There are some other changes as a result of universal credit, such as a ‘claimant commitment’ that the individual will have to agree with their work coach, which sets out the efforts they’ll make to find work, but the bulk of UC won’t come online for a good while yet, and we’ll look at developing new information resources to help prepare people for it.

You can see a good introductory video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7GUu7Xa7Nw

Hope this helps?

Alethea, Digital Team


Hi Alethea

And Thanks, i read in my local paper this morning its due too start here locally in my area in march/april but i spose it will be JSA claimants too start as you say, if and when PDUK know more before we do at least, I am in the ESA support group at present

 My first questions would be..

In the ESA support or work group would we have too sign a claimant commitment too to take steps and look for work? and what would that potential be if so, or would it be as it is presently??.

Would we have too start afresh going through the process as we did to claim ESA i.e form filling,endless waiting, and then assessment to confirm what has already been confirmed by asessment??, Or would we simply be transferred onto Universal credit and then at a later date assessed again, as would happen with ESA??.

And would PDUK produce a comparison chart/guide too old benefit.new benefit so we could see the difference/change in elements/rates for all disability benefits?. 


Many thanks

I don't know if I'm right but they have only rolled it out in the north and all it is just put all your benefits to one payment and it helps people get back in to work with out losing too much of their benefit I think it's doing quite well so far.what I've seen on news


Hi gus

That's great if your on JSA moving onto universal credit, I'm in the ESA support group myself. I don't see myself as being fit or able too work for some considerable time with this degenerative illness.

I did read this today about ESA for those of us under it, it sets off some alarm bells forcing a issue perhaps??. "move into employment when they can" < based on who's decision???.

ESA extra support trials begin
Three separate trials of ESA reforms begin from 23 March designed to support claimants with a health condition or disability to keep close to the labour market and move into employment when they can.
East Anglia District will trial a voluntary ESA Claimant Commitment with claimants at three different points in the ESA journey:
· before their Work Capability Assessment (WCA)
· when assigned to the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG), and
· after completing the Work Programme.
As well as trialing the Claimant Commitment, an average of six hours additional work coach support will be available per claimant.
West Yorkshire and Kent Districts will pilotMore Intensive Support, allowing work coaches to provide up to 264 minutes additional support to ESA claimants in the first 6 months after completing the Work Programme. Work coaches will allocate this additional support according to claimants’ individual needs.
Voluntary Early Intervention pilots will test the impact of voluntary early intervention for new ESA claimants in four Districts - Glasgow, Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire; Black Country; Birmingham and Solihull; and South East Wales.
Work coaches will offer an average of six hours additional support to claimants who volunteer prior to their WCA.

I think were safe sea angler but some good reading how you doing now !


I'm doing better now i am on the right pill regime thanks Gus, but i still have other problems as we do that haven't got round to have been looked at yet.

thats good news about meds,tell me about it waiting for epidural & lumber injections in march for back & leg pain have every six months ,also just had third quaterzone in shoulder trapped tendon & two swollen tendons oh well steam & sauna tomorrow ahhhh  keep the good fight up soon be spring ! sunshine

I'm sposed too start some physiotherapy soon as the pd nurse thinks the weakness i have in my legs/gait/posture needs looking at eventually when the first appointment arrives, i spose that could include swimming steam/sauna and such like??.

I never had pyhsio for eight years and when I did have some it done more harm than good. so if you get offered this I would take it also maybe start swimming or sauna it also gets you out plus meet people it's very important exercise I have found it very refreshing and takes my mind of the pain.good luck

Hi Sea Angler,

I have passed your questions on to our Policy Team, someone will come back with more info next week.

Alethea, Digital Team 

Hi Sea Angler,

I'm Phil - Parkinson's UK's Welfare and Social Care Policy and Campaigns Advisor. I'm looking into this for you through some of my contacts, but Universal Credit is still rolling out very slowly, as Gus and Alethea mentioned, so the Department for Work and Pensions hasn't got a lot of information on ESA and how Universal Credit will impact it at the moment.

I'll report back as soon as I have something though,



Thank you Phil for your time and efforts

Any infomation on how universal credit will impact on esa ,will be great for everyone effected.