University Project Ideas


My name is Anna Kennedy I am a Product Design Engineering student at the University of Glasgow going into my final year. My final year project brief is to design anything that solves a problem!

I have been researching into Parkinson’s and wondered if there were any problems that you/love one face day to day that a new product or even a better designed product would be help to solve.

I have an interest in particular for designing something which will help users be independent with cooking. I have seen projects focused around putting pots onto the hob or the kettle tipper is another example of helping independence in the kitchen.

If anyone had any insights to difficulties that exist- that would be great! It doesn’t just have to do with the kitchen - could be any area of life which hasn’t yet been considered in design and it doesn’t matter how small or niche it may seem.

I spoke to someone and their family with Parkinson’s and they expressed how they didn’t like the current solution to cups that have been designed and would rather something that makes them blend into a social setting more and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on that as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject - even if it is just an existing product not working as well as it could do.

Thanks in advance for any insights into the area!


Hello here is an idea that would help patients getting a consultant to see them. I think AI system that has been trained by the best consultant’s in the country used to automate the system and free up consultant’s for face to face consultations? I envisage a pd sensor to measure pd symptoms dystonia , BP , hr, movement, pain, dyskinesia , tremor etc which can monitor patients over 24 hrs. The AI can then refer patients to a consultant if needed.
The AI could. Alter prescriptions for patients based on the data collected. The benefits to the NHS would be enormous and the benefits to patients would be speed and accuracy of consultations.