Hi there.
For those who do not remember/ know of me.
I used to post regularly on a thread called insomnia something I still have never been able to conquer.
However I would like to open a general chat thread which is what insomnia turned into on its own.
Somewhere to chat informally or indeed any subject you like and hopefully be pointed in the right direction for your particular situation.
I have been away for some time however I heard a radio Parkies interview that has stuck in my head, the woman who was being interviewed by DJ Claire and I’m extremely sorry because her name escapes my memory but what she was saying really grabbed my attention and her enthusiasm and knowledge was something that brought me back to pduk as they have proven to be a formidable force when it comes to campaigning.
I would like you to name the topic for this particular thread given that it will most definitely go off in all directions however with enough of us on it and the direction of the admin we could find the proper thread for those people to head to and hopefully get what they need and return to us for general kind of take your mind off it chat like music,TV and old TV and film to reminisce about etc.

Hello Tommy
Would you mind clarifying a bit about what you are suggesting. The way I am reading it, and I am not sure it’s what you intended, it will have a dual purpose - a place where one can post information etc gained from a varied source base which will in effect become a sort of index for anyone wanting information on something specific from a source that may not be generally used such as the radio interview you heard. The other purpose being a general chat room not Parkinson’s related just social.
My apologies if I am not seeing the obvious in what you wrote and I may have got hold of completely the wrong end of the stick, but it has left me a bit confused. Perhaps you would be kind enough to recap on how you see this thread working.
Many thanks.

Hey Tot
Good to hear from you.
Sorry my post is confusing but you are right the idea is mainly a social thread for us all to share laugh’s and anything else, however if for instance someone who has just joined comes on and has a specific question we would be their guide around the forum.
Then they can return back to us to socialize and relax for a while , a kind of chill out zone .

Of course Tot I could be over thinking the whole thing so don’t be backwards in coming forward :rofl:.
I hope you remember me

Hello Tommy
I would be lying if I said I remembered you well but I have in my time replied to one or two posts so would be hard pushed to remember everyone well. I’ve just done a bit of a search and refreshed my memory re your posts, some of which I did remember when reading them again - and if that sounds like a ‘well you would say that’ sort of comment, it really isn’t. However, back to your current post.

I was pleased to hear I got the gist of what you were proposing and it’s not necessarily a non starter but I am wondering how it might work in practice here on the forum. One of the issues I have with the forum is that it is not always easy to decide on the best place to put a post. A lot of newbies often write ‘I hope I’m posting in the right place’ or words to that effect. I am conscious from some of the replies I have written over the years that I can feel like I am repeating myself, which I am in covering the main points, but because they are posted to different categories they are not seen. That is not a criticism because I don’t find the forum easy to navigate either and do not use it as fully as I might if it felt more intuitive to me. My feeling is that if this is going to work it needs to be clear what the purpose is and how you see it working. At the moment it feels like anything goes and maybe that’s how you see it but to me it feels too broad, I wouldn’t know what to do with it so I probably would do nothing.

I also think it interesting that many more people view than post for whatever reason and often you end up with a group of regulars and I think you were looking for something that had a wide appeal. Maybe this would if you could pitch it right. To illustrate this I have just looked at the thread I started in 2021 Today was a good day - this is just saying if you noticed something good in our day share it, The stats say this has 28 users, 237 replies (many are mine) but 8.4k views - this is not a hard place to post and the number of views is incredible but the numbers of users and replies come nowhere near that of the views. We have tried several times to make people aware that the creative corner is not just poetry central but we maybe get one or two new people posting but mostly there is a core group who keep this alive.

I’m not trying to be negative here, that’s not how I naturally see things as you may have noticed but I think your idea needs a bit more thinking through. I hope I haven’t burst your bubble not at all my intention and if I can help let me know

Hia Tommy nice idea, please share the answer to insomnia if you find it! As far as I know dolphins and jellyfish don’t or have very little sleep too (useless fact :smile: )