Unusual symptoms


Does anyone else with PD experience burning pain in their arms legs and torso? It is worse on prolonged contact (sitting) and I have had this since I started using Levadopa. (14 months)

I tried coming off levadopa for 5 weeks, but it didn't make much difference to the burning and I had to go back on to get movement back (stiffness in arms and legs). The only thing that keeps it tolerable is Gabapentin.

I also have shaking of arms (not tremor) when lifting heavy objects or stretching.

I just wondered if anyone else had these symptoms?





Are you sure they are not the effects of Gabapentin Itself?.



Thanks. The burning was there before taking gabapentin and was severe when I tried reducing the dosage.

The shaking arms could be due to Gabapentin though?


Hi, no sensation of burning but blurred vision and flushing face after starting on L-Dopa