Up and running

Monday 20th    up at 4.30.  First pill and patch.  Will wait for 1 hr.     Light breakfast.       06.00 Sleep video till 0630. Then motivational video for 30 mins.    07.00 second pill.  Get dressed in running gear and off I go.     Been off with "calf muscle" problem​s for 2 weeks so it will be good​ to be on the move again​.   5 or 10k  ??? Thats a  decision​ to be made after  Paul McCenna has done his bit.      Thats my early morning video !!     Have a nice day.     Mike

  • Just now out of the shower.  My Fitbit says I did 5  miles  in 54 mins.   not bad for a Monday morning.   Vital signs after run 126/63.   PR 107.  Five mins later 113/60. PR 103 .     Now 113/65 PR is. 68. Not bad for a man of 74 !!!!!!  Mike

Well done Mike.  That is indeed a good start to the week for you.  Enjoy the rest of the week and hope it's not too wet and windy in your part of the world.  Terrible here in Manchester.

Joanie aka Joan of Ark

Hi Joanie.   Thanks for​ your reply​. I joined​ recently with​ the intention of trying to encouage PWP/ ,s  to  be encouraged​ to look forward​ to a bright future by exercise ,and boosting  their own​ natural product​ion of dopamine.    Unfortunately​ many are not diagnosed​ until the  natural productive system has been destroyed . Thus rendering their recovery ( using forced exercise) to be ineffective.  But I keep on smiling​ ,I will overcome. I have PD under control​. !!     Mike.

Hey Mike,

I love your attitude and shall even use the mantra 'I am in control' on those difficult mornings when there is a struggle to get going.  I wish I were in a position to exercise more but can certainly stay positive in the meantime.